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If anyone owns one of these, can you give a review? I just saw these at a private sale and wondered how they hold up, if the straps stay put and so on. Any comments are welcomed.

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handbaghun­ter1363571637.843103 PostsRegistered 12/24/2012

I have a miche in every size they make(well the mini is my daughters). I love them! They are so easy to change. The different straps make it easy to convert to fit your needs for that day. They seem to hold up very well but, I switch my handbags out pretty quickly. I'm not sure what types of bags you are used to but they are not as good quality as Dooney and Bourke or coach. I love all types of handbags I'm not partial.{#emotions_dlg.lol} They have many cute covers. The differnt types of straps make it easy to find ones that will work best for you whether it's handles, shoulder straps, or crossbody. Hope this helps.

Loves2save1363585886.731168 PostsRegistered 6/19/2007CA
They were all the rave around here a few years ago just like the switch flops and onesole shoes now never see them. No where to be seen even during the holiday season. Think it was a fad that came and went at least here anyway. I did think some were cute when they did have them.

caregiver5­1951363589407.28756 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I bought the classic miche bags on HSN several years back before they offered the demi and prima sizes. I really like mine and they are holding up really well. Miche has a website where they sell all the sizes. I have out grown the classic and need to upgrade to the next size up. They are still pretty popular as they have Miche representives and Miche parties where you can order.

okiebug1363606022.924384 PostsRegistered 1/2/2008

I have the Prima (large) size, with several shells. I didn't care for the square shape of the original Miche. I have used it off and on for several years, the magnets that hold everything together are amazingly strong. I like some exterior pockets and you have to look for styles that have those. They come out with new shells monthly. All the shells are manmade materials, the interior is a heavy cotton that holds up well, but none of the pockets were edged (some handbag manufacturers edge their pockets with the same material, leather or faux, to help them wear better), so the edges started rolling. I stopped carrying them regularly because they are so heavy. At least in my area there are Miche representatives, you can go to the Miche website, see the styles and find a local rep.

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