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Yes!!!!! My friend confirmed my 4 dollar louis bag is real!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My friend works in upscale shopping center mall in Atlantic city which has a Louis V store and my 4 dollar Louis bag I bought at upscale jersey shore town is real!!!!!!!!

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Hopeandfai­th1344652560.443109 PostsRegistered 7/20/2012
Forgot to say thrift shop!

Hildegarde­ Withers1344652670.911690 PostsRegistered 11/9/2011

What is the condition of it? Is it clean?

If so, it's hard to believe someone would bring it to a thrift shop to be sold for $4.

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Last edited on 8/10/2012

Hopeandfai­th1344654231.963109 PostsRegistered 7/20/2012
Clean as a whistle! It is a hospital thrift shop, people donate in near by towns to shop to benefit hospital, a lot are doctors a d their families that donate, found many nice items!

champagnep­oodle1344654455.4135927 PostsRegistered 9/26/2011

Is there a number inside?

Shopping G­aGa1344690559.477341 PostsRegistered 2/10/2010

JMHO. I suggest you take it to a real Louis V store to verify authenticity.

haddon91344690897.76288 PostsRegistered 10/18/2005Bucks County, Pa

Wow! ....an exciting find! Enjoy your bag!

Lavenderju­nkie1344691123.80713720 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Enjoy your new treasure.

matchpoint1344691516.71415 PostsRegistered 5/26/2007

I agree with shopping GaGa{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} The only real way to know is for someone at a LV store to LQQK at your LV bag from a thrift store.{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} Good Luck {#emotions_dlg.thumbup} Hope it is a real LV{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

curlywhite­dog1344692837.3376648 PostsRegistered 6/2/2005Central NJ

WOW...what a find that was. A friend of mine got a practically new (if not new) Dooney in a local thrift shop for $8 and was exstatic to find the Dooney card still in the pocket.

As for me, I saw a beautiful black fur jacket at a garage sale maybe 10 years ago for $50 and I grabbed it up not even caring what size it was, I figured I'd find someone it would fit and, lucky for me, it was a perfect fit for me. Anyway, I brought it into a furier to be cleaned and monogramed and they said it was Black Glama mink...I was thrilled to have made such a find.

Good for you on your LV bag, use it in good health.


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itslikeher­dingcats1344721469.664039 PostsRegistered 9/20/2010

I'm so happy for you, its always so exciting and fun to fing a real treasure for so little money. Smile

momtodogs1344728210.8474346 PostsRegistered 9/20/2006

Lucky you, our local thrift store(s) never had really nice things.

Hopeandfai­th1344728821.993109 PostsRegistered 7/20/2012
My friend brought it to AC Louis store her manager look at it and it is a real Louis v bag,,,,,

PepperoniP­izza1344732408.97324 PostsRegistered 6/22/2012
On 8/11/2012 Hopeandfaith said: My friend brought it to AC Louis store her manager look at it and it is a real Louis v bag,,,,,

That's great! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup} Enjoy your new LV bag!

Mustangshar1344733138.418404 PostsRegistered 12/7/2006Chicago Burbs
Wow!!!! That's amazing!! Congratulations:)

Sharon :)
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Santorini1344738769.037361 PostsRegistered 1/26/2007

Like the others have said, I would advise taking it to a LV store to get the real truth. There are zillions of real-looking knock-offs out there. I think if someone did donate a genuine LV bag, the store handlers would have snatched it up before it ever hit the sales floor.{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

ILVWESTIES1344739823.92783 PostsRegistered 7/21/2012

I hate to burst your bubble but I doubt the bag is real and LV stores do not authenticate. If you can post clear pictures I would be happy to authenticate for you. You can also try the purseforum.com. You need to post a clear picture of the date code, zipper pull, inside logo, etc.

lobstergal1344741069.443812 PostsRegistered 12/3/2010

Nice find...enjoy your new bag!! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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ID21344770358.7472863 PostsRegistered 6/25/2012

I got an authentic gorgeous Kate Spade bag from a flea market years ago for a mere $3!! That actually started my complete fetish with anything Kate Spade! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup} Love her things! {#emotions_dlg.wub}

Love my "Pure Michigan"

Winamac1344770686.9533837 PostsRegistered 12/29/2010Indiana

I'm not trying to be negative, but I, too, doubt it's real. I'd definitely take it to another LV store or to an expert to authenticate it.

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baddest_dog1344771170.1071509 PostsRegistered 11/13/2008

I saw one in a local thrift store and it was selling for $50. And it was old and kind of shabby. I would definitely have it authenticated. Girls in the thrift store told my son that anything that comes in really valuable or in demand, never makes it to the floor. They buy it up. This was at a Goodwill store in Naples Florida.

Hopeandfai­th1344878215.587109 PostsRegistered 7/20/2012
It is a local hospital thrift shop at jersey shore, volunteers work there that are drs wives, children, and board of trustees members and business owners in community volunteer there. My cousins wife volunteers there, my cousin is vice president at one of the casinos. If you volunteer you can well afford to buy it retail, hospital policy is no volunteers can buy.

chrystaltr­ee1344878604.31314037 PostsRegistered 5/10/2010

Real LV bags have a metal plate with the a serial number on the plate. Mine is at the bottom of the bag along a seem. I didn't even know it was there until I took the bag in to the LV store for some repair work. I also have my orginal paper work with the serial number. I always thought that the only way one could verify a LV is with the serial number because many high end knock offs are identical to the real thing. They even made the faux bags with the exact same materials. Of course I'm not referring to the $29 knock offs, I'm referring to the really expensive knock offs that were on the market years ago.

MIMA1344879494.1315295 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

If you can tell knock offs by the serial numbers, can't they knock those off too? Like go get the numbers off of some real bags and use it the same numbers for the knock offs?


chrystaltr­ee1344880576.16714037 PostsRegistered 5/10/2010
On 8/13/2012 mima said:

If you can tell knock offs by the serial numbers, can't they knock those off too? Like go get the numbers off of some real bags and use it the same numbers for the knock offs?

No. Because when you buy a real LV, the serial number is registered with the company. You also get "papers" with the serial number and a special phone numbers to call when you have a question or need repairs or if you just need your bag cleaned. I bought my bag over 20 years ago when I was young and foolish. I have the papers somewhere but I don't know where. When I took it to the LV store, I did not have the papers with me. I didn't even know about that hidden serial number. They found it and went into an office and I assume made a phone call or checked a computer data base. I have no idea. But when the woman came back, she was all smiles and very accomodating and even addressed me by name. Which I had not given to her. I really think she thought my bag was a copy because I got royal treatment after she verified that my bag was genuine.

JavaQueen1344888330.243976 PostsRegistered 6/24/2007

The "serial number" is not unique. Older bags had a date code. That told you the location of the factory and the year of origin. However, when you purchase LV, they register the bag right there. So that registration number is tied to the bag. The date code does not serve as a registration or serial number.

Date codes can be faked. Yes, they are on fakes!

A few years back, LVMH changed the way that they did the codes inside the bags. They have changed them over the years, in fact.

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