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Heads up - Kathy VanZeeland fans

Started 1386185898.46 in All About Accessories | Last reply 1387050093.57 by Porche

Just saw a full page of purses on ShopHQ. This must be new because I'm a regular over there and this is the first time I've seen her line there.

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depglass1386198953.78325017 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

Do you see any programming?

Shogirl21386556149.1032186 PostsRegistered 12/6/2010

I just checked this week's programming and noticed a KVZ show before a Skinn show, sometime this weekend - not sure of the exact day.

JavaQueen1386943625.923976 PostsRegistered 6/24/2007

I was surprised that they were around. Anyway, they sometimes buy up liquidated products like what they did with Ghurka. Everybody liked the products and then Ghurka said" Ooops. We forgot to tell you that we will be discontinuing the line."

So if you are a fan, I don't know if the presence there is a good thing. KVZ hasn't really been designing the bags these days.

If you see them there, they are probably not doing well. A tactic that has often been used by struggling companies.

Porche1387050093.5721 PostsRegistered 8/1/2009

I didn't see this post. I added a similar post in the Fashion section (see below). I heard a couple years ago (not sure if true) that B. Makowsky, KVZ and Tignaello (all their lines) were purchased by a foreign distributor for over 300 million! And, Bruce and Kathy (to a smaller extent) were kept on as designers/consultants. Jjust wondering why we never see Kathy and why the Q sells two of their lines, but now not KVZ??? (now new 2014 collection on Shop HQ).

I was channel surfing last night & today and noticed the new Kathy Van Zeeland collection being aired on Shop HQ (formerly Shop NBC). There was a rep premiering the new collection and they were selling out quickly - gorgeous & stylish bags! (better looking and better priced than B Makowsky ---IMO). Anyway, Shop HQ mentioned they would be having even more products from KVZ's new 2014 collection along with Kathy coming in April 2014. So, it got me wondering where Kathy has been. I haven't seen her on Q in ages (only her hubby Bruce M ... if they are still married?) Why would Kathy VZ bags be on Shop HQ and not the Q when her hubby's line (B Makowsky) and their other line (Tiganaello) are on the Q? Anybody have any scoop? ---Thanks

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