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Shampoo: Wen vs. Pureology?

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I've been using Pureology products for a while and I think it was one of the first sulfate-free shampoos. I never noticed that my hair looked that great (for the ridiculous cost of the 'anti-fade, zero-sulfate' shampoo). I recently tried Wen and I'm wondering if others have compared the two and liked one over the other or both etc?

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MotorCity ­Chick1305721262.951816 PostsRegistered 2/1/2005Michigan

I've used both and I prefer Wen to Pureology. I loved how well my color stayed with Pureology but after awhile my ends did get dry. I've been using Wen about 4 months consistently how and I am not having that problem. I would say for me the color factor is very equal for both but my hair is healthier now using Wen as far as split ends and breakage than it was when using Pureology. I have baby fine hair and I did use the conditioner from Pureology and it didn't weight by hair down too much (I used very little) but I have much more volumn with Wen.

littlepixie1306170308.11450 PostsRegistered 4/2/2011New York, NY

I agree too. I have used both and prefer Wen. Pureology was fine in the beginning but then my hair started to tangle and my color would fade fast with it (I am blonde) also my ends were super dry! So switched to wen (although wasnt using pureology right before, was using another brand) and no longer dry and brittle and my color hasnt faded since I had it done two months ago!

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Arvella1306262341.18727 PostsRegistered 12/10/2010

I have used Pureology. I personally found it no different than any other shampoo I have used on my colored treated hair. I would dye my grey and using Pureology I still had color bleed for the first 4-5 shampoos, my color dulled with each shampoo, and my hair was dry, breaking, splitting, and thinning. NOW that I use WEN, I have no bleeding of my color at all. I did use Pureology after my "first 30 days" when I was away from home and the Pureology made my hair feel gummy after using it in the water and was dry and dull once I was done with my shower. The $200 worth of Pureology I was given as a gift has become the children's shampoo and the conditioner is my husband's shave cream. It will NOT be replaced. I will not ever shampoo again. I realize I will eventually have to share with the rest of the family. LOL

Winamac1306687150.12333845 PostsRegistered 12/29/2010Indiana

I found Pureology to be no better than other no sulfate shampoos---but it's far more pricey.

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Subject1306687349.76311269 PostsRegistered 2/24/2007

I was using WEN for over a year. I just felt my hair was not looking good anymore. I started using a very gentle shampoo every other wash- and just CO wash with other conditioners between shampoos( I only wash once a week) . My hair is much shinier and healthier since quiting using WEN. Something in the WEN bothered my scalp. It is peppermint or something they use in it. Is it menthol????? Not good!

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picco1306689011.22185 PostsRegistered 1/2/2006

I used the Pureolgy shampoo (Moisture) for quite some time, then thanks to someone's post on this board, I tried the Suave Almond and Shea Butter shampoo (which was awesome!) and have started using the Suave Color Fast line now - apologies, can't think of the actual name, but it's in their new "Professionals" line. Love the Suave, don't miss the Pureology.

Now for the WEN - if I use it as a CC, my curly hair droops - but if I use two pumps with a bit of the Pureology Moisture conditioner, it's perfect! I also use one pump (from the 32oz size) for a leave in. POM is my fav. The ratio is approx 1/3 WEN to 2/3 Pureology.

My color (blonde highlights and low lights) lasts for a good 12 wks before I need to have it done again. From what I understand 8 wks is the "norm", so I think the Suave and a combo of the WEN/Pureology works for me!

One thing to note, the Replenishing Mist, used as a leave in, makes my hair dry dry dry! And it frizzes really bad. Doesn't matter which "flavor", same results.

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