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Using WEN as a leave in conditioner ONLY

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On several threads people talk about using the Wen cleansing conditioner as a leave in only after using another shampoo/conditioner.

I would like to give that a try.

Can someone tell me how many pumps they are using for that purpose? Also how do you think it improves your hair?

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hopi1302643981.3511547 PostsRegistered 11/26/2006

It never works for me and I have tried it with every scent, I am to the point where I wash with wen and use another line for conditioning.

haveagoodd­ay1302655231.18233 PostsRegistered 5/31/2010


I use it as a leave in conditioner only but I just started doing this a few weeks ago. I first tried one pump but my hair is so dry still--I changed to two pumps. I think the two is sort of working but I may try three. My hair is just so dry--or I might try the fig instead. I am still working this out but this is why I use it:

I like the fact that when I use it I can easily comb through my hair in the morning.

I also think it helps to control the frizzies in my hair.

I am hoping it can help to improve the dryness--it seems to but it seems I keep needing more with my hair! lol

LavendarBl­ue1302717915.4654 PostsRegistered 10/2/2007

I, too, have had to make some adjustments to be able to use WEN. I love its results, but I can't use it as my main shampoo alone due to scalp buildup. The same thing happens to my son, but not my daughter-in-law, so it may reflect our chemistry. I have found a solution for my mid-length, thick, wavy, color-treated hair that leaves it looking almost as good as the models' hair.

I use a shampoo by Loreal from my salon, intended to help keep color. It's not as good as WEN is for that purpose, but not as harsh as grocery store brands. It cleans my scalp well, though. (Which is not oily at all, just normal.)

Next, I use WEN Tea Tree shampoo/conditioner as a conditioner. I apply it as directed, working it into the hair shaft and leaving it on a few minutes, then rinsing really well. I actually rub the hair from scalp to ends to help it wash out and smooth my hair cuticle as I rinse.

I apply about 4-5 pumps as a leave in conditioner because my hair is fairly thick and tends to frizz a little along with the waves.

I use the styling product as well, combing it through with the great WEN comb. I am then able to get a beautifully smooth blow out with bounce and some curl.

However after two days, all around my face & hairline, the hair still tends to get limp and a little greasy-looking. (My skin isn't oily, but I do moisturize my face well.) Rather than start all over with the cleansing I can go a few more days by just washing lightly the hair around my face. I hold the rest back with a hair band & use a normal grocery store brand.

This may not be ideal for protecting color, but it's a good half-way for me. I love the feel of WEN & still want to use it!

bruingirl1302718313.4737368 PostsRegistered 8/3/2006Los Angeles, CA

I can understand how using wen as a regular conditioner is tempting but you won't get the true benefits of wen unless you use it as intended...which is to replace traditonal shampoo and conditioner. I haven't used traditional shampoo on my hair for over 4 years...don't miss it and don't need it. I usually suggest that newbies get a discovery kit to try wen before making a larger investment.



Visaqueen1302784501.8139245 PostsRegistered 1/29/2007Suffragette City

I LOVE using WEN and haven't used traditional shampoo in many years. But my daughter has thick, gorgeous hair, down to her waist, and WEN is just too hard for her to maintain on her own at this age.

She uses a sulfite-free keratin safe shampoo and WEN as a leave-in conditioner. Her hair looks amazing! She also uses a keratin safe smoothing cream and a little hair oil (not WEN, she doesn't like the scents but I think she might like POM whenever it comes out). I would look into one of the shampoos that are meant to protect keratin and color if you are not going to use WEN as your primary cleanser. They are not as good as WEN IMO, but if you are looking to incorporate WEN this way, I would recommend them even if you don't get keratin treatments. HTH!

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