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Shoes for Morton's Neuroma

Posted by MrsT 1282492217.257

Good morning, everyone! I know several of you have posted about having Morton's Neuroma and I stumbled across some shoes that I can wear pain free. I'd always loved wearing Birkenstocks, but I find now that anything with a toe bar hits that area and will cause me days of pain, so I've had to donate my extensive collection of Birks. I haven't needed the surgery yet, because at this point when it acts up, it does it for about a week and then settles down -- as long as I don't wear any shoes that cause it to flare up again. My Podiatrist advised me to get rid of any shoes that set it off...and it's quite clear what shoes cause pain...and which ones don't.

Anyway, I noticed that my Tony Little Cheeks felt really good and never caused any problems. But of course you can't wear sandals like that for business casual, for example. And then for whatever reason, I saw some styles of Crocs that were really cute, and so bought a sling back ballet type pair. I didn't buy them knowing I wouldn't have any pain...I bought them solely because they were cute. What I discovered though was that I never have a flare up with this shoe, and I pretty much wore that pair everyday for months. It was then that it dawned on me that not once did I have a flare up with the neuroma. I just went and bought two more pairs (one a different color of the original flat and a pair of different flats) and again, no pain. I don't know if it's the plastic they're made out of or what, all I know is I have been pain free for 4 months. And unlike a lot of flats out there, I feel like a have a lot of support and my feet don't fatigue.

The styles are a lot cuter than the original and I've posted a link so you can see what I'm talking about. I am not employed by Crocs...I just wanted to share something that has worked for me. I'd also be interested in hearing what shoes work for you ladies.