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What to do with broken appliances?

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In my basement I have such broken items such as a coffee maker, can opener, etc. What do you do with them? Throw them in the landfill? They are cluttering the basement and I want to get rid of them.

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Snowpuppy1282271265.5077084 PostsRegistered 12/2/2005Up North, MI

You might call your city hall and ask for ideas on disposal.

There used to be an art to fixing small appliances but not so much, anymore.

I have seen some classic ones out on the bay like old Sunbeam waffle bakers as well as parts for some classic coffee pots and old percolators if in good shape.

clemintine1282271276.1718288 PostsRegistered 11/5/2007C.C.

we don't have trash service, so dh goes to the dump every week....and that's where all my c r a p goes....They have separate areas for this 'household' stuff broken down by plastic, metal, glass, etc....and they'll tell him where they want him to drop items he's not clear about

september1282271481.65719402 PostsRegistered 6/29/2007

In California, most local landfills have a section with a name like "last chance" where you can drop off such items. Others who can fix them, and use them, buy them for a very small amount of change. If they're not sold, then they get tossed into the landfill.

At least there is a chance they'll get reused/recycled.

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kaybee1282272043.3878505 PostsRegistered 7/3/2006Wisconsin

I put the small stuff in the trash. We just had a 40 yd dumpster out here for a clean up project and the only thing we were told NOT to put in were large appliances and TVs.

For TVs we were told that the auto salvage was the cheapest place to take them.

For old computer monitors BEST BUY will take them for $15 and give you a gift card for $15. (Not sure if there are any conditions to it though.)

Anne0011282272139.521767 PostsRegistered 2/1/2008NE

Our town has a bulky day twice a year. We take everything that should not go into the regular trash on those days. They go into various huge bins they direct us to and are hauled off. I hope/think a lot is recycled.

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Anne0011282272140.7831767 PostsRegistered 2/1/2008NE


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hennypenny1282272891.2536551 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

We are supposed to cut the electrical cords off of the old appliances and then they go to recycling.

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