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Can I mix wood floors with tile floors?

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My home is a somewhat open concept.  When you walk in, my foyer has tile set on the diagonal and it runs to the left down my hallway and into the bathrrom.  My livingroom has carpet that needs to be replaced.  The LR carpet butts up next to the tile foyer as does my diningroom carpet.  Hope that makes sense.

I want to replace all the carpeted ares w/ wood floors and leave the tiled areas.  My Mom says it wont look good w/ 2 hard surfaces meeting up together.

Right now my tile and carpet are very similar in color so its very cohesive but I want to put in darker wood floors and leave the beige/sand natural color tile.

What are your thoughts?  Thanks

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greengem-1271876792.7735939 PostsRegistered 3/1/2008

It's your house, you can do anything you want. Smile


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briiii1271876871.9836305 PostsRegistered 2/18/2010Chicago

It sounds like it would be okay. 


ChoosandMa­nolos1271876925.2775013 PostsRegistered 7/2/2006

I think it's your home and you can do what you want!  I also think it will look fine.  You thinking of real hardwood, hardwood laminate or laminate?   I have the hardwood laminate and I love it.  We've had it 10 years and with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 kids and it still looks great.

MyGirlsMom1271877057.433422 PostsRegistered 12/5/2008

It will work fine.  My entry hall is tiled and all of the other rooms (except bathroom and laundry room) on the first floor are hardwood flooring.  I have area rugs in every room...kinda breaks up the monotony and it looks nice.

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jazjade1271877186.221214 PostsRegistered 12/16/2004Central Texas

I know I can do what I want but I always like my home to look good so I just wondered what others have done or not done.  Im trying to pay close attention to decorating shows and see what the best look is.  I may need to go to some model homes and look around.

I was thinking real wood, never thought about laminate,we have 2 dogs as well.

Im always interested in others opinions.  Thanks

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suzieq41271877207.225005 PostsRegistered 7/12/2007

I have hardwood floors that meet up with my travertine tile floors and it looks fine.  It is in the same "color family" but it is fine.   Anything goes now.

Cranberries1271877361.55310969 PostsRegistered 4/14/2009

jazjade, I think it would look fine. What style or color is the tile? tumbled, ceramic, stone?

If you're worried about them bluntly butting up to each other maybe install a border around the outside of the wood floors (maybe in a stain a shade or two darker) and the the rest of the hardwoods in the middle. It might give the room a little more definition in the entry. Either way, I love hardwoods!

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marianne11271877363.0172432 PostsRegistered 12/30/2009

I have hardwood laminate in a dark Brazilian cherry in my living room and hallway- and then in the eat in kitchen area and powder room I have hardwood laminate in a stone pattern (laminate that looks like large cobblestones).  These floors all run into each other- and all they do is put a solid strip connector made out of the (in our case) Brazilian cherry laminate.  It connects them looks and function wise.  Now, I made sure the colors all worked together- so that would be something you might want to check.

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jazjade1271877575.4971214 PostsRegistered 12/16/2004Central Texas

PinkLady I like your suggestion since my tile is light and I want a darker wood.

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markswife1271882038.91927 PostsRegistered 12/4/2007

We have tile entry  that sounds alot like yours.Small entry way that turns right and goes down the hall to the bathroom and turns and continues  to the one bedroom that is downstairs.All tile. The living room and our Family room "but up" to the tile hallway,and both of those rooms have wood flooring.It looks great. I think it all depends on what YOU think it looks like.You live there.

clemintine1271882389.20318288 PostsRegistered 11/5/2007C.C.

It's not illegal!{#emotions_dlg.crying} You'll end up with an area rug at some point, and that will 'soften' the look.

Jeantippit­ytop1271882941.247607 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

We bought a 6 year old home that I love 3 years ago. All rooms were carpet except the kitchen and baths. I lifted the carpet (not me actually) and had stone put in the baths, left the gorgeous tile in my huge kitchen and replaced carpet with hardwood elsewhere. I have area carpets in dining room, livingroom and master bedroom and like the look. I have an open floor plan and from the entry you see the hallway, diningroom and livingroom. Luv the home even more now. I think it is whatever you like. I had a flooring consultant give me some guidance.

Have fun with whatever you decide.


demitra1271883035.791644 PostsRegistered 9/6/2006

My flooring decisions were the worst of the whole house building process.  I had rather expensive carpet in the dining room, living room and bedrooms.  It has fades and stretched.  It's a long story, but the factory rep said 'some carpets just do that'. Out house is 12 years old and the carpet has looked baaaad for at least 5 years! GRRRRR

In the kitchen, I had a mixture of hardwood and berber carpet (in the sitting area). The berber started looking ratty, so I had it and the hardwood taken up because I would never had been able to match the wood, and had laminate put down that I HATE with all my heart.  I apparently didn't get a good grade or something. It is very hard to keep streak free.

I had ceraminc tile in the foyer, but had it taken up when I had the carpet in the dining room and living room taken out.  I had tile put in all that area.  Now all the carpet that is left is in the hall and bedrooms. I  want to replace it with hardwood and at the same time replace the kitchen floor AGAIN. 

This subject makes me sick...........I have spent so much $$$$$$$$ and still am not satisfied.  It shouldn't have been this way.

Better luck to you!!

doxiemom 41271883101.527472 PostsRegistered 12/30/2008NJ-FL

I do not think that would be a problem at all........If that is what you would like, I say go ahead with it.

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jazjade1271885086.551214 PostsRegistered 12/16/2004Central Texas

Jeantippitytop, Ive never heard of a flooring consultant.  Thats what I need!

Thanks ladies, you all are great!

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ratdog1111271886314.3814924 PostsRegistered 10/27/2008

I have laminate everywhere except the foyer and the bathrooms which are tile.

Id on't see a problem with designating certain areas by tile. Talk to the sales person and get their opinions. The installer will use "thresholds" to separate areas,

Jeantippit­ytop1271886543.787607 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

I have true hardwood floors and am a perfectionist. I have a dog and asked about marks. My dog is only 25#s and that does not present a problem. The home we moved from was refloored too. The people who bought the house, the day the sign was put in the yard, have a Golden Retriever and they keep it indoors. To OP and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, I love homes, architecture and decorating and I hear ya. I have moved too many times but this time I did not know how beneficial it would be. A short time after moving from my large 2 story and into this wide open ranch I developed health problems. I have 8 fractures in my spine due to prednisone's damage and used a wheelchair for several months. I usually use a walker but doing some solo walking now. So, this last expensive move and redoing was good timing. BTW......the medical equipment did no damage to the hardwood either and was told by my PT that the wood was better than having carpet for my situation. Actually I have read that laminate can be as much $ as the real wood. I miss my projects right now. TMI LOL!

Reiki6041271886884.6971871 PostsRegistered 10/22/2008nyc

Is it your house? Do what you want with it.

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esmeraldag­ooch1271887694.73313305 PostsRegistered 1/7/2008Adopt a Rescue Pet, who rescues who?

I have oak floors in my home with tile in all the bathrooms.  It looks great.

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