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Account Suspended? What Happened To Me...

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Hello Friends,

I am a shopper that goes way back. CVN, and then the Q. I remember QBird, the scrambled word game, and the lucky number drawings...really miss the word games.

Anyway, about a week ago, I tried to sign in my account and it said my account was suspended. It was puzzling to me. I had not received "the letter", although I have done some cancelling and returning in the past. I hadn't written anything naughty on the forums either. It upset me a little, because I felt a little like I had gotten "dumped" by a familiar part of my life. Not a big part, just familiar. I would not even turn on the Q after that, because I thought why bother, they don't want me to shop here anyway.

I told my husband about it yesterday morning. He called customer service right away, and he spoke with a lovely woman who diagnosed it as a technical problem with the sign in part of the Q web page. She opened a ticket with the Q IT department and I was able to sign in again this morning, although I did have to create a new screen name.

My intention in writing this was to let any of you out there know that if you get an "Account Suspended" message when you try to sign in to comment or purchase, it may be a technical problem, not a break-up message:) Just call customer service and ask, wish I had done that right away!

I hope you all have a blessed and beautiful day!