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Tracking your purchases and returns

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I suppose everyone knew but me that you can track your purchases online from shipping date until it arrives and your returns until they arrive back at QVC. Just in case I wasn't the only one this is how you do it.
Go to the Homepage, click on order status, find the purchase your looking for, then click the order number on the left. At the bottom of that page is a tracking number, click it and it will show you where your package is and when it is out for delivery , to the right is a return tracking number so you can track your returns back to QVC.
Someone just told me this recently and I enjoy it so I will be here to get my packages off the porch and not wonder what day it is on the truck for delivery. Hope it helps someone.

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daga1267960340396 PostsRegistered 7/30/2009NYC
If the package is being delivered by UPS i'll just copy/paste the tracking number to the UPS website. It's usually more accurate and detailed.

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