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What does "ADVANCED SALES" really mean?

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Hello, I'm new to these boards so, i'm not sure how they work but I was wondering what does "Advance Sales" mean in the QVC shipping status? I talked to QVC, and they say it's because I ordered my item in advance to the sale date? but when it ships I shall get billed for it. That makes sense, but they say I'm receiving this item the 16th which is friday, heres the thing, it's still reading "ADVANCE SALES" this morning, and I called late yesterday to confirm as well... so I'm a bit confused, will it come even with that status? I wasn't billed for it yet, and I was never the type to trust customer service reps. It's a gift so i'm short on time.

Btw the way it's Toshiba Thrive I think 16 gb

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qvcfreak1323871576.5276521 PostsRegistered 3/14/2005

Advanced sales means they don't have any in stock, maybe it says item will be shipped on the 16th. QVC does this a lot with jewelry, they bring a few in for the host to display, but they tell you the exact date the item should be shipped, if for whatever reason there is a change, they will send you an email.

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