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HP Tablet New To QVC

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Ladies, I was wondering what anyone knows about E167734 (the HP Tablet that is new to QVC). I have the IPAD 2 and love it but was thinking about the HP tablet for one of my daughters. Everything I've ever read says that there is nothing as good as the IPAD, but if this one does flash drives that's a plus because my IPAD doesn't. I am going to get me a small notebook to see flash drives. Anyway, you ladies always know the newest and latest and tell it like it is....good or bad. Thanks ahead of time. I'll be back I'm getting in the shower!! Oh! My goodness! Didn't mean to warp your brain with that visual! SMILE!

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Annabelle -- I am getting my son a Toshiba tablet -- coming out later this month -- tons of features that beats any around -- and we have looked. I wish I had waited and not bought an iPad.

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