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When wearing 2 necklaces, how do you keep them from getting tangled?

Started 1309304693.43 in Viewpoints | Last reply 1309418910.883 by Lindsays Grandma

Say a 16 inch and an 18 inch, for example.

I see people doing this and it looks nice, but when I try it I end up with a mess within hours.

Earth shattering question, right?

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kdgn1309307394.9713813 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I can't, therefore I don't.

NewNic1309307472.15714245 PostsRegistered 1/28/2007

Well heck, that is not the answer I am looking for, kdgn!

Thanks for stopping by, lol


kdgn1309307557.7813813 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Well, I'll be watching this thread to see if there is a genius among us that can tell us how to do it!

I know, no help.

wildcherry1309308168.8433622 PostsRegistered 11/23/2005

I don't think you can keep thin chains from tangling. I never could. Depends on the necklace, I guess. I agree with the first comment. I can't, therefore I don't either! {#emotions_dlg.ohmy} Smile

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PurpleBunny1309308846.87339291 PostsRegistered 2/27/2008The Couch

Funny you should ask this, I was just wondering this the other night. I like how Kelly on RHONY always wears her string of pearls with a gold chain. But whenever I try to wear two of my pendant necklaces together, I wind up with a mess. Soooo I am not even going to bother to dig out my pearls!



NewNic1309308965.0414245 PostsRegistered 1/28/2007

The people that do it must never move.

Or they hire someone to follow them around to untangle.

occasional­ rain1309309479.0417454 PostsRegistered 8/21/2007

I like to wear two or three of the same length of necklace together, they can get a little tangled but I never thought of it as a problem.

If I'm going to want graduated, I wear one necklace that is already that style and I've never had it tangle while I was wearing it.

PurpleBunny1309309682.839291 PostsRegistered 2/27/2008The Couch
On 6/28/2011 Marianne- said:

The people that do it must never move.

Or they hire someone to follow them around to untangle.

M -I did it successfully when I was younger. I had thicker chains than I do now and each chain had about six charms on it - remember when that was in style? I'm thinking the weight kept them from getting tangled.



NewNic1309309858.17314245 PostsRegistered 1/28/2007

that and the thicker chains, probably PB.

I have a silver 20 inch Tiffany's chain with the silver heart, and I just got an 18 inch gold initial disc necklace (you know the little gold disc with your initial) that I tried to layer together. Not good. I like to mix gold and silver- just not in a knot.

PrincessL1309310237.457155 PostsRegistered 6/14/2011

I wear a couple of chains at a time and they don't tangle. I usually make sure I put on the shorter length and I am fairly meticulous that I drape the other chain in such a way that they don't overlap when I put them on. If you try to drape two chains of various gauges that is where you may be running into difficulties. They need to be similar in weight.

cindychats1309311845.69317559 PostsRegistered 6/2/2008

It seems to depend of the guage of the chains in my experience.

I use to layer them up a lot. Some tangled and some don't.

If it is those really thin dental floss chains that come with pendants than those will tangle if you layer them togethr or with other chains.

But a nice rope that is solid or long like 24-30 inches than I have had no problems. I don't remeber ever having any problems with box chins or snake chains but sometimes they are not made right in ther back at the catch for some reason and my fine long hair gets tangled in them but now it is short so now is the time for me to wear those.

A good way to wear more than one neckalce could be when you wear collared shirts to wear the shorter 18-20inch necklace or pearls inside the shirt than wear a longer necklace outside than you don't have them tangling. You can add a bracelet to a necklace and stcik it under the collar so the clasps don't show if you have one that will match up and lengthen your necklace if you need to make it fit around the collar longer.

NewNic1309312679.37314245 PostsRegistered 1/28/2007

I am thinking of something along this line. Maybe only 2 at a time. Mine would not stay this way.

cindychats1309324785.6317559 PostsRegistered 6/2/2008
On 6/28/2011 Marianne- said:

I am thinking of something along this line. Maybe only 2 at a time. Mine would not stay this way.

I'm going to try something this out and see how it works.

cindychats1309398119.8317559 PostsRegistered 6/2/2008

marianne, I can't find my 24 inch diamond by the yard type necklace. it is only absolute and vermeil from hsn but I wanted to try layering as close to possible to the look in the picture to let you know my results and can't find that neckalce.

irritates me when i can't find something. anyway. I am thinking the 2 longer necklaces would be okay but I am not sure how the shorter will do or how all 3 together.

Lindsays G­randma1309418910.8534622 PostsRegistered 5/3/2007Arizona, formerly San Fernando Valley, CA

Oh just let them all hang loose let them fall where they may. It might look great and you can say you started a new trend. You take a 15 inch, a 20 inch a 22 inch a 24 a 28 inch.

They are supposed to look messy and tangled. Don't forget - its a new trend. Good luck.

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Lindsay's Grandma

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