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TJ MAXX Discount

Started 1301024506.56 in Viewpoints | Last reply 1301094792.407 by leehare

So, I was at TJ's yesterday. I shop there A LOT and got a big surprise yesterday. At checkout, the cashier asked if I were eligible for the senior (55+) discount! I'm 60, so it was nice that she didn't "assume" I was eligible.

Anyone else aware of this (10%) discount? I sure could have saved a lot of money in the past 5 years!!!

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azgal1301025218.181357 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007arizona

I didn't know about this. Is it a particular day of the week or month or is everyday?

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loveya!1301026453.317140 PostsRegistered 11/12/2010

Don't know. I was in a big hurry and did not think to ask.

LoveMyHand­bags1301033231.975509 PostsRegistered 4/29/2007

I'm 62 and I spent quite a bit in there for Christmas. It sure would have been nice to get 10% off ... if I had known about it !!!

Thank you very much for telling me love! Smile I certainly appreciate knowing this!

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chumie1301034631.9135 PostsRegistered 1/3/2011

I used to get the discount on Mondays in FL but NY, no discount! It may be a choice for each store.

SuziQ21301040859.9732572 PostsRegistered 9/18/2008

I asked them if they had a discount about two months ago and the lady said 'NO'. I told her Ross did have a 10% discount on Tuesdays, so she knew what I meant. I would wonder if it is a new thing......or just some stores have it? I will have to call or ask again about this. Any discount would be most helpful with this economy.

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GinsTonic1301051615.303644 PostsRegistered 5/1/2007Boston/South

Hmmm. I work for the parent company, I never heard of this!

Zoologist1301053911.8936046 PostsRegistered 9/3/2010

No! and I'm turning 58 in a few months, nobody's ever asked.

I don't know if I'm flattered or upset!Wink

Shelbelle1301058802.7336501 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I get my discount at Ross on Tuesdays, but never at TJ or Marshalls.

Solar1301071893.914001 PostsRegistered 8/24/2007

My husband has an AARP visa -- I told him that I don't want to carry it in my wallet -- UNTIL I'M 70! -- Hey, half the fun of shopping (especially for NON-essentials) is to feel YOUNG AND COOL! {#emotions_dlg.lol} ...or young and HOT! {#emotions_dlg.blush}


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ennui1301072106.8919957 PostsRegistered 4/17/2007

loveya, do you live in Florida? Google says the TJM senior discount is only in Florida, and that article is from 2005...

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loveya!1301094532.897140 PostsRegistered 11/12/2010
On 3/25/2011 ennui said:

loveya, do you live in Florida? Google says the TJM senior discount is only in Florida, and that article is from 2005...

Yes, I am in Florida and I was there on Monday. Mystery solved! Thanks, ennui.

leehare1301094792.4031805 PostsRegistered 4/7/2010

I will admit to my age for a discount any day! I love TJMx and will be sure to ask next time I am in-thanks

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