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So did Webbie respond to the NUKE....interruption the other day?

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A lot of us got knocked off and couldn't get back on for a while because of a mysterious message that blocked us. I actually called the .com to report it and the CS said she would get in contact with the webmaster about it but I haven't seen anything about it. Most of us scanned our pcs just to be sure but I'm wondering about it still. Anyone??

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Shawnie1298472534.2832639 PostsRegistered 10/12/2007

what did the message say? and when was it?

dgluvr1298537981.5075296 PostsRegistered 5/12/2008

I think it was 2/21/11 - some outside website flashed a message, different posters got different messages including an outside website had forced a shutdown. I don't remember the wording exactly- something like dothenuke.com -- guess it was nothing or if it was- we'll never know I guess.title of the thread was WEBMASTER PLEASE CHECK etc.

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