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Frustration with Pro Active Solution Auto Delivery - How can they do this to us?

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I'm a huge fan of Pro Active Solution and have purchased it for many years for my teens. It not only has worked so well keeping their skin clear of acne, it established a good healthy skin care routinen for them to stick to daily. The optimal word is daily, a day or two without it has the consequence of breakout, especially for younger teenagers who are especially prone. I think it is a crime that Pro Active Auto Delivery Kits, have not arrived on time for this past year. I got in on a luxury size auto delivery kit that was a TSV about a year ago. For the second time (delivery is every 4 months) the kit has been in back-order for weeks and had us scrambling to purchase the product elsewhere. Such a hassle and totally defeats the purpose of becoming a committed user of a product. Shame on you Pro Active! This was no bargain since I have had to pay top dollar getting replacement kits at the mall because of continued delayed shipment. I am investigating alternative skin care products that I am told will work as well.

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MIMA1296397420.36315259 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

I got the entire Proactiv kit but figured out I only need the clarifying lotion. I don't need the other stuff. I've been buying it from Ebay for $10 a bottle including shipping. Proactive keeps me really clear. If I skip one day of using the lotion I get a zit.

I just got the Tria blue light from QVC. I decided to use it instead of the Proactiv to see if it really works. I just used it yesterday instead of Proactiv and I have a small zit this AM. No joke!

I'm going to keep up with the blue light for my 30 days but most likely will go back to Proactive.

I get tired of Proactiv ruining everything! I can't use it in the AM or I ruin the necks of my clothes. I also don't want to ruin expensive coats that sit up high against my jawline.


Emma Bunti­ng1296401138.4638606 PostsRegistered 3/26/2010

At least QVC didn't just up and cancel your auto-delivery order. They did that to me on a Dr. D. order.

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julies1296402208.1771268 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007MA

I have been using Proactiv for 10+ years and have never had a late shipment. I receive it directly from the company, no middle man like QVC. So dependable this way. I think if you went online to Proactiv and ordered it that way, you would see consistent delivery-- I have 3 cleansers delivered every 2 months. I too get the lotion on Ebay when I need it.

foundinlv21296408910.655277 PostsRegistered 6/16/2010

According to Qvc the point of auto ship is the customer will never run out of product and not only that but when the individual purchase option runs out or discontinued auto ship will always be available. But, I too have had auto ship items go on back order and not only that cancel because it was being discontinued. So, the better price for the larger sizes is not forever, a fact Qvc fails to disclose.

BlueCollar­Babe1296409580.3411584 PostsRegistered 9/26/2007

I agree with Julies. Always got Pro-Activ kits for my kids direct from the company's website and the service was great.

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