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I get this on Direct TV. They carry really high end jewelry costing thousands of dollars. Not being a purchaser of high end stuff like that I can't really determine how their prices stack up. ZThey always start with these outrageously high "retail" prices which of course is totally bogus since retail price means nothing except that is the price someone assigned to a piece. Then the cut the price way down. They refer to gemstones as World Class or Museum Quality which certainly does not seem like any grading system I have ever heard of assigned to gemstones. Anyway do any of you watch at all and if so what do you think of their jewelry and the prices?

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purrmom1295570010.743400 PostsRegistered 5/27/2010Mid-MO

I don't get this station but I don't like deceptive pricing. I like to know the real price upfront. Way back 20 yrs ago HSN used to do this. Why not google "Gem Shopping Network complaints" & see what you find out about them.

Margo Chan­ning1295573839.9913623 PostsRegistered 11/29/2007

I have several item from them...when I had Direct TV, now I have Fios and I miss them. I stuck with Mike or Sam...they have great vintage jewelry. You have to be able to sit thru their lengthy spiels...and you CAN negotiate off camera with them. Now there are a couple of drawbacks. They are difficult to deal with if you want to return something. You need to have a Return Authorization Number. You have to call the CS dept. within 14 days in receipt of your merchandise and they don't always pick up the phone AND they hold onto your money for 90 days before they refund your credit card. No exceptions.

But if you love what you buy they have an incredible array of things that fit all budgets--from $90. silver to $250,000. diamond rings. I really miss them. I learned a lot from them..all their vendors are gemologists.

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yahooey1295618531.3134949 PostsRegistered 7/9/2010
I get them on Dish. I was mesmerized when I first tuned in. I bought a pair if black tahaitian pearl earring for 100.00. It isn't big and it is a simple drop and I love it. I also bought a 18" natural pink pearl necklace for $800 which I asked them to restring (additional $$) since the ball clasp was a pain and I opted for a ss toggle. I wore the necklace less than 5times and I own the necklace for several years. The pearls were 12mm or so which I find to be too big but did I return it? No but I paid extra to restring hoping I would wear them more. NO. I do wear the earrings a lot. Bought both pieces from Rebecca who went to emveetv which went bust late last year. I now tune in once in a while and I enjoy Sam. Last edited on 1/21/2011

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yahooey1295618612.584949 PostsRegistered 7/9/2010
I also bought a color change garnet which I didn't see any color change. It took a long time to have the money credited back to my account.

pearllady1295631025.5232967 PostsRegistered 4/8/2009PA

We had a gems tv and they start the price so high so you think you are getting a really exceptional value. I never bought any thing from them. Now they are off air, bought out by jewelry television. I used to shop at JTV but they have been getting bad as the years went on. I think most of those jewelry channels are just rip offs. JMO

MyGirlsMom1295660172.56733422 PostsRegistered 12/5/2008

Have any of you tried liquidationchannel.com or watch them on tv?

I recently bought my youngest: 2 carat citrine earrings, 5 carat citrine necklace, 10 carat citrine bangle, and a 7 carat citrine ring, ALL for less than $100.00!!!!

Everything is platinum over silver except for the bagle which is solid sterling.

Their prices run from $ - $$$$$$$

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