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Okay, so why do my (eye) glasses get dirty

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When I'm just sitting here and typing on the forums? ( and it's on the outside?)

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caligrl1294989261.489049 PostsRegistered 7/17/2008

{#emotions_dlg.confused1} pollution?

Hildegarde­ Withers1294990706.54324309 PostsRegistered 7/3/2008


Also, without realizing it, you're probably rubbing your eyes or around your eyes & touching the glass at the same time.

I buy the Walgreen's brand eyeglass cleaner & it works great. I keep that handy. It works better than water.

(I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd turn on the TV & get on my laptop til I felt sleepy again. That's why I'm posting so late.)

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