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Items that can't be shipped to California ----Opinions please.

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I just ordered a Royal Palace lamp on clearance, and it is gorgeous. I noticed that on the chord, that that something in the lamp has been determined to cause cancer in the State of California??????? Proposal 65?????? It also could not be shipped to California.

I love this lamp. Would you send it back if you were me? I am uneasy about using it, but it is gorgeous. What would you do?

Thanks for opinions. I thought some of you may be familiar with this proposal.

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------1293734959.19318558 PostsRegistered 2/13/2008

Probably contains lead.

you mad bro?

Noel71293735504.51734868 PostsRegistered 8/8/2007

CA is usually first on the block to try to weed out toxins, etc.

I'd suggest finding out what it is about the lamp that's considered dangerous, do online research about it, and then decide if you want to take the risk.

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sunshine451293735649.8145612 PostsRegistered 1/13/2007east coast and west coast

if it were me, i would not worry about it..... believe me, those signs that have to do with prop 65 are all over the state of california.... even in restaurants and grocery stores!

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ennui1293735668.04319957 PostsRegistered 4/17/2007

It probably does have lead somewhere.

Prop 65 is so broad, it's practically meaningless. There are Prop 65 warnings at every gas station, but people still gas up their cars. People still use their Waterford.

Life is risky.

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Brabls1293735820.31714740 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

California law designates so many things as toxic that areaccepted elsewhere. Companies need special testing before they can send stuff to California. Look at many labels & you will see special notice for Californians.

Friends who manufacture good for sale go crazy with this testing.

As far as your lamp, if a child got hold of it & sucked on it for hours on end, yes there may be a problem if it has lead. As far as proper use of it, probably not an issue.

ratdog1111293735920.75714924 PostsRegistered 10/27/2008

It seems almost everything is labeled like that! I got a coffee mug for Christmas with that label stuck on the bottom.

It could be the bulb, the paint, the wires .... keep it! I think CA has gone overboard.

Noel71293735948.61334868 PostsRegistered 8/8/2007
On 12/30/2010 PHOBAR said:

Probably contains lead.

Fenton used to use some odd additive in a few pieces... I think it was lead.. They said it was what produced special colors.

Anyway, when I first came to QVC, there was a piece of Fenton I really wanted but they wouldn't ship it to CA, so I had it sent to a friend in Oregon and she forwarded it on to me. It was a compote, but I was never going to use it to serve food... just for decoration.

I've noticed Fenton doesn't use the additive anymore.

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Elaine1293736072.9031570 PostsRegistered 11/4/2004Near Pittsburgh

I wouldn't worry about it. Just consider the source! And why I could never live in CA besides the fact that earthquakes scare me.

Go Steelers!

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