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Please tell me your experience with the newest Suze Orman Organize & Protect Financial System

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I hope ya'll will bear with me -- I don't write in these forums often, so forgive my mistakes. I do love reading them, seeing opinions.

Here's my concern. I decided to order the newest Suze Orman system: F08919 - Suze Orman's Organize & Protect Financial System. I've followed her over the years, since before she was on QVC, and her advice is generally very solid. I have purchased her books & web-supported products, and I've always been pleased.

I am drawn to this product in particular because it's the only one I can find, from looking for several years now, which pulls together so many pieces we all need.

I'm concerned with the reviews about this particular item, however. It seems many people have found the locking case to be very poorly made, and there's also a common thread about difficulties with using the software. In fact, the problem has been so pervasive that Suze even addressed it on air (something I know I haven't seen often) saying she had corrected the problem... but reviews from folks who purchased it after hearing her comments have found they are still receiving extremely defective, unusable cases and software.

And it occurs to me, in reading the comments, that a customer shouldn't be required to pay for return shipping on an item which is so defective.

Sorry to be so verbose!{#emotions_dlg.blushing} I guess I'm wondering: do you like this product & do you think customers should have to pay shipping for a repeatedly defective item?

Thanks for any advice ya'll can provide!

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kristina11284930662.487352 PostsRegistered 12/23/2006

Curious, too!


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