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Susan Graver

peachskin blouse

Started 1310489514.11 in Susan Graver | Last reply 1313075238.257 by Carolina Lady

I loved your short sleeve, one pocket, peachskin blouse! Please bring it back!

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nanw1310848822.4557 PostsRegistered 5/31/2005Louisiana

I've asked for this before only to fall on deaf ears. It's her peachskin campshirt. I have a white one on now that I've worn so much I'm ashamed to wear it in public again. I've also dropped a size and need smaller ones. All we can do it hope....

KailaS1310953477.673682 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I also miss the peachskin camp shirts. I used to have them in about five colors. I still have a red one and a black one. The other ones literally wore out because I wore them so much.

lovetheboa­rdwalk1311219118.8531657 PostsRegistered 10/10/2007

I, too, would love to have them back.

TRAVELER1311285665.5912085 PostsRegistered 12/14/2004Alaska

Bring it back withOUT the pocket. That always bothered me. Just a nice peachskin camp shirt as an Essential.

I always think about The Night Listener or Catfish when I post.

doglover31311838878.57710507 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

all I use to wear and would love the old peachskin to come back, blouses, petite slacks, love the big shirt/jacket with slits on the side, always wore them as a jacket over the short sleeve peachskin blouse, loved them and really miss them.

Please bring these items back.

lovetheboa­rdwalk1312394169.481657 PostsRegistered 10/10/2007

I love the peachskin campshirts, without the pocket, and have several. They still look as nice as the day I bought them but would like them to return and in some new colors.

Luv Chanel­ and Ripka1312400403.121875 PostsRegistered 7/4/2011

I just got my longsleeve peachskin big shirt yesterday and it is really nice. I have never had one of the big shirts before and I like it.

Carolina L­ady1313075238.233 PostsRegistered 8/11/2011

Love the peachskin campshirts. Please, please bring them back. I have lost weight and can't wear the ones that I have.

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