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Diamonique Wedding sets PLEASE!!!

Started 1270191340.28 in Suggestion Box | Last reply 1270403516.563 by ib_sewing2

I ordered an Epiphany 2-pc ring set (2 carat solitiare) and it was PERFECT.  Now that I am pregnant I wanted it in a bigger size... then I remembered it was discontinued and never replaced.  This was a top selling item why did it never come back?  I also think all solitiare rings should have the option of coming with a matching band.  It would be a wonderful option.

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ib_sewing21270403516.561220 PostsRegistered 1/14/2007

I wish they would make diamonique rings that are realistic in size..........not 3-4 or 5 carats..... how about 1 and 1 1/2 carats..............people that know me would know for sure that the "big honking" rings are fake!

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