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Does anyone know when QVC in HD is coming to DirecTV ?

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Filly6712631572611881 PostsRegistered 12/26/2008
I believe it has been on channel 275. I have thought that since it's on there and 317. 275 came on about a year ago. I only assumed that was why it was on a second channel. I could be completely off base.

What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?

Qvclover2612631584958 PostsRegistered 1/10/2010
no neither 317 or 275 is not in HD ATM
that 275 channel has been put there for extra exposure i think ;-)

Litlbitcou­ntry1263161190782 PostsRegistered 9/18/2006
I recently switched from Verizon FIOS which did offer QVC in HD back to Direct TV which does not, and the picture was so bad in contrast I called Direct TV to find out when they would be offering HD for QVC and all I could get was "soon!"

Qvclover2612631672858 PostsRegistered 1/10/2010
So lets keep calling and emailing DirecTV so they get the message we want our QVC in HD!!!
Do so at their DirecTV Forums
and on Directv's Twitter
And email them at
make sure to tell your friends/family to do the same also ;-)

Qvclover261285146974.9578 PostsRegistered 1/10/2010

any update to this yet? anyone know or can find out? someone that is in charge of this?

would love to get QVC in HD on DirecTV

streetangel1286731250.8776387 PostsRegistered 12/19/2007Near Harrisburg, PA

No HD on DISH Network, either. Boooo!!!


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