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Is Lisa Robertson aware how phony she appears??

Started 1299386930.31 in Suggestion Box | Last reply 1299393575.52 by cupcake13

I hate to be rude or condescending.. I'm just a normal human being as we all our.. I have been watching QVC for over 11 years now. I have watched it evolve to selling things that were not that great to having the best designers in the world with the best possible deals!!!

Lisa performs as if she is waiting for her moment to host a morning network show or an evening entertainment show... At first she was cute and silly yet she has evolved to a very insipid woman that makes rude comments to those behind the camera and thinks she is a comedian.. QVC is and will never be Fifth ave. or Rodeo Drive.. This is a good thing.. If I want Neiman Marcus then I'll go there... It has always been so quaint and charming to watch such quality and the actual designers, skincare, make-up and hair specialists speak themselves.. I always felt like I had a little secret with my QVC finds...

I now find it difficult to watch her and would never take time to write anything like this.. I just watched her with Mally, who wears her heart on her sleeve and she works in tinsel town.. Why does Lisa behave in such a way as if she was in Sunset Blvd waiting for her close-up.. I notice when people call in they don't say they love her so much and she is the or favorite host... OVC , you have a good thing going and it is not because of Lisa R.

If she left for more money and an opportunity to advance her career she would.. She does not appear to have this family feel that QVC strives to be... I don't tune in to watch her stare at herself or have all her sentences start with me, mine or I. She is so phony and seems to only care for herself and what one can do for her... Namedropping, bragging, sarcastic remarks that are offensive.. She is not Joan Rivers and it is not funny coming out of her mouth!!

How many desingers does she claim are her best friend while dining at the latest hot spot on Fifth avenue... Does anyone else feel this way??? QVC is seen in smal towns all over and her wanna be LA actress persona will lose you viewers...

I don't know if I can watch her anymore and unfortunately she hosts the shows I enjoy the most.. I hope you have confidence in your other hosts and not brainwashed that only Lisa can host the popular spots... Her head just got too big and her cuteness has become whiny and gives me a headache... I feel horrible to even write this but I just couldn't keep it in anymore after watching her tonight with Mally.

On the positive side, yes she is pretty has sophistication but when it comes off as condescending then it's not pretty anymore...