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What's the bet way to cut your 12 x 12 paper in half to use in the cricut create machine?

Do you crafters like this machine?

It wa a bit confusing to choose from the personal, create or expression-not even thinking about the imagine.....

Please give me some feedback on this particular Cricut and tell me about the paper-thank you!


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sorbet1289870259.9531428 PostsRegistered 7/2/2006Honolulu

Get the Expression if you plan to make boxes or envelope. The Original and Create, in my opinion, is good if space is the issue and you want something compact and want to take from place to place.

Cricut Imagine I believe, for me, is not as cost effective for the price of HP ink.

doxiex21289874990.237170 PostsRegistered 4/9/2009

I have the small cricut - I just use my paper trimmer to cut the 12x12 sheets into the 6 in size that I need. I chose the smaller cricut knowing that I could not cut anything bigger than 5in which fits my scrap and card making needs just fine. Most crafters I know do have the expression. Whatever machine size you decide on - just work with it until you feel comfortable - I let mine sit for too long as I was intimidated by it. Enjoy.

Sleepless ­in Ohio1289875153.62354 PostsRegistered 9/21/2009

I just fold the paper in half and cut it with a pair of scissors. No big deal. I don't use my cricut enough to justify buying the Imagine. I have the Expression and it is perfect for my needs.

catlover1289904344.7638451 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New York

Thank you ladies-

how long do the sticky mats last and the cuttting needle.

There are reviews on HSN that say the mat lasted one use and same for the needle-how can that be true?


centralNYs­crapper1289917989.763799 PostsRegistered 10/10/2008

catlover - there are issues with the Imagine mat, maybe the review was about them? The Imagine mats are "special" in that they have markings on them that the machine uses to align itself to make the cuts in the correct spot.

As far as getting the most use out of mats for the Personal, Create and Expression, here are some tips (folks, I know I am forgetting some so please add to the list):

rotate between several mats, that is do not use the same mat over and over

set the blade depth/pressure as low as you can, just enough that it will go through the paper w/o damaging the mat

don't leave paper on the mat for an extended period of time

touch the mat with your hands as little as possible

when done using the mat put the clear plastic cover back over the top

you can use repositionable spray adhesive on your mats to get more life out of them, use painters tape around the edges (unless you don't mind messy edges) and lightly spray (I didn't spray light enough the first time I tried it and it was difficult using that mat the first few times)

I've heard of using baby wipes on the mat, but haven't tried that technique

I've also heard of using a blow dryer (on a warm setting) to activate the adhesive, but I haven't tried this either

I have used painters tape to keep the paper in place around the edges when the cut has been large and not too detailed, but this doesn't always work

put something under the entrance and exit of the machine (low enough that the mat doesn't hit it) so the paper doesn't bow so much that the paper edges lose contact with the mat

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catlover1289953716.2038451 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New York

I got the create and it should be arriving in the next few days-wow.......now I'm not sure I want it anymore. So many people are happy and alot are also unhappy-one lady on the HSN reviews said the mat lasted for one use.

Is it all really worth it?

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BJR1290000696.232275 PostsRegistered 8/8/2006

I have had a Cricut from the very original one. I have my original mats too. It may not be too sticky but I still use it for some papers. They do last awhile and then there are ways to get more uses or you can use them for lighter papers that you don't want to tear coming off the mat.

Here are some tips from the old timers on this board like me which I saved and also from the Cricut board-

Rinsed it off with plain running water & then let it air dry

You can also spray it lightly with a repositionable adhesive spray. Another thing I use is the blue painter's tape - I just put tape around the paper I want to cut and it holds it in place pretty well. lainey

I've also heard that cleaning it with a stamp cleaner helps prolong the stickiness. Specifically, I was told to use the cleaner from "Stampin' Up". But others may work as well.

Wacky tac is what I use.

Got this tip from the Cricut board: roll Zig brand 2-way glue on the entire mat and let it dry. Works for many cuts very well. The glue comes with wide tips.

After the paper wouldn't stick anymore, I tried both Wacky-Tac and washing with plain dishwashing soap and water. They both work perfectly again.
The one I washed with soap and water is great for my lighter weight papers (won't curl) and the one I used the Wacky-Tac on is great for CS and more detailed cuts.

To make my expresson mat sticky again after all the stickiness was gone I washed it good let it air dry, then taped the edges and sprayed it with Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive and it has worked great, it has lasted me for a long time.
I am so glad to hear about how to condition the mat I will sure try it next time I refesh or get a new mat out.

You can refurbish your mats. I have been using the same three for a year now. Take a baby wipe and scrub it real well to get all the paper fibers off. If this does not work use soap & water & a scrubby. If this does not work, spray with windex and use a scrubby and rinse well. Let the mat dry. Tape off the outer bounds with painters tape (it is not as sticky as masking tape). Spray with a can of repositional adhesive & let dry. Remove the tape & voila!! Good as new! HTH!

another option is to spray your mat with glass cleaner, and wipe with a kitchen towel. It takes the paper residue off the mat and leaves the adhesive behind.
Make sure you dont use a paper towel to wipe the cleaner off, because it leaves the lint behind.

This gives you a few ideas. Having a Cricut is alot of fun. Give it a chance and enjoy it. If you have any problems- just ask here and you can ask on the Cricut board. BJR.

catlover1290026989.8978451 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New York

{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}Ladies-you are all so wonderful. Thanks so much for all your input-I certainly am looking foward to giving it a try.

The lady who said her mat lasted for only one use kind of had me thinking all I'll be doing is buying mats, but now I know that this is not true.

Ok-so, how long does the needle last?????{#emotions_dlg.confused1}


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