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Snickers Dip

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Snickers dip


§ 2 (8 ounce) packages of cream cheese, softened

§ 1 (8 ounce) Cool Whip

§ 1/4 cup brown sugar

§ 6 Snickers bars, chopped


Mix all ingredients together.

Chill overnight to better blend the flavors.

Serve with pretzels or graham crackers.

For serving, I decorated it with the pretzels and decided the top needed a little something to make it look pretty, so I shaved a couple of Hershey Kisses onto it.

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forrestwolf1335158494.396508 PostsRegistered 6/20/2010Deep in South Georgia

It does not look like to me you need anything to use as dippers...............JUST EAT AS IS, right out of the bowl...........{#emotions_dlg.w00t}

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1895 Rudyard Kipling

Rarity1335161436.9271791 PostsRegistered 10/19/2005

Can we use our fingers for dipping and doube dipp? No? Awwww shucks! I will be making this one!!! Littleflower9, do we use regular size Snickers bars? TIA

tiamaria1335203466.962632 PostsRegistered 7/25/2006

This sounds absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing littleflower9!!!

tiamaria1335203559.8832632 PostsRegistered 7/25/2006
On 4/23/2012 Rarity said:

Can we use our fingers for dipping and doube dipp? No?

YES!!!!!! That's why the good Lord gave you 10 of them my dear! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

Avelon1335203849.277199 PostsRegistered 4/4/2006

Thin apple slices are delish dipped also.

luvsopals1335205205.69159 PostsRegistered 7/13/2009

I might as well just rub this dip on my hips & thighs cuz that's where it'll eventually end up{#emotions_dlg.scared} I've already printed a copy & might tweak it a bit by using a light cream cheese & a fat-free Cool Whip. The Snickers bars will be the real deal.....I so love Snickers bars! Thanks for sharing this!

jackthebear1335206421.227376 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
On 4/23/2012 Avelon said:

Thin apple slices are delish dipped also.

Makes it healthy. Lol

Sassenach11335206572.894610 PostsRegistered 12/3/2005

Sounds like a bit of heaven!

Topaz Gem1335207017.9217823 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007Scenic New England

Question: Do you mean the little, snack size Snickers or the larger bars?

This dip sounds wonderful! Smile

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littleflow­er91335224347.267268 PostsRegistered 10/21/2006

I ended up buying the snack size bag since it was cheaper. I used the whole bag minus one or two which I ended up snacking on.

I was thinking Milky Ways might work well with this too.

OneHotNana1335224800.982084 PostsRegistered 2/9/2007Sweet Home Alabama

Oh yum!

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