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Shipping banana and pumpkin bread

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Will banana bread and pumpkin bread ship well? It's going to Iraq. I know cookies well with saltines layered through out to hold the moisture in. It takes a week to get there. Will the breads still be good? Is there a trick to keeping them fresh? Thanks I typed this from my iPhone and I cannot proof read so sorry if there are errors

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markswife1290481206.471927 PostsRegistered 12/4/2007

When my son was in Irag i sent all of thos etypes of bread

I would treat it kinda like fruitcake.I would wrap ina piece of cheese cloth dampened in fruit juice just slightly damp.then in foil very tightly. he always raved about it.if you are sending banana bread pinapple juice is good to use , would be good for pumpkin bread also. I also found it took more then a eek to get there. But he always said it was in good shape when he got it.

The cut off date for shipments to Irag/Afghanistan for Christmas this year was Nov.15th.

Rus Girl1290481481.93450 PostsRegistered 10/26/2006

Wow, only a week? When my SO was in Iraq it took a minimum of 18 days for us to ship stuff.

I think you got some good advice already. I think the breads will be fine!

Thank your service members for their service for me!

MissyC1290525249.17142 PostsRegistered 5/14/2007AR

Thank you so much! yes, I have been surprised it's taken 1 week to 1 1/2 weeks to get there.

I will tell him thank you.

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