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best cookies to freeze.

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i want to bake cookies early for christmas but not sure what cookies to freeze and what ones not to help please

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Lisa_PHX1290358355.28409 PostsRegistered 1/27/2008

I freeze a lot of cookies...here's what works best for me:

Chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, oatmeal all freeze pretty well once baked

Brownies/bars (unfrosted)

Sugar cookies (unfrosted)

Baking ahead does save some time when things get in to full holiday mode in December. Also gets them 'out of sight' so they aren't sitting there all tempting on the countertop {#emotions_dlg.scared} For items that need to be frosted, recommend baking first, freezing and then frosting them once they thaw. Also - I tried freezing the peanut butter cookies with the hershey kiss on top, and that didn't work well at all (the hershey kiss separated from the cookie once they thawed).

I've also done up big batches of cookie dough and then froze the dough...found that saved some time to make a lot of dough ahead of time while I had the ingredients and was 'in the zone' :).

Hope that helps!

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