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Turkey breast recipe for TSV Pressure Cooker Anyone have it

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I purchased the TSV pressure cooker the other day specifically to make the turkey breast and mashed potatoes that Bob Warden showed.

I purchased his cookbook--no recipes

I checked the cooker's manual, no recipes.

I have checked the community board, only see other shoppers who are looking for the turkey breast recipe that was shown

Anyone know how to fix these two items??


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ciao_bella1285808198.567326 PostsRegistered 7/2/2007

I don't have Bob's recipe for the turkey breast, but I do have one using an electric pressure cooker that I got online. I haven't tried it yet, but will as soon as I get a turkey breast.

1 whole (thawed) bone-in turkey breast (rinsed)

1 onion, sliced in large pieces

poultry seasoning or sage

salt & black pepper

1/2 cup melted butter

1 quart of chicken or turkey broth

Place turkey breast (breast side up) in PC. Place sliced onions around the turkey breast. Brush the melted butter on the breast, add salt and pepper and poultry seasoning (as much as desired) to the turkey breast. Pour the broth around the turkey breast not on top. Cook the turkey breast on HIGH for 30 minutes. If desired, after the turkey is done you can make gravy from the broth or use it for stock to make turkey soup

**The recipe didn't state that you should brown the breast first, but I think it would give the breast a nice color by browning it first before starting the pressure cooker mode.

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