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just received my Dream Jeannes crop pants in white and indigo--very comfy and great fit--not too crazy about the hand washing instructions,though--has anyone tried washing on gentle and air fluff in the dryer?? any shrinkage?

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GenGlo1307852403.233 PostsRegistered 10/9/2007Cleveland, Ohio
I'm ashamed to say that I did not read the care instructions and washed them in the washer in cold with my other jeans and put them in the dryer on the medium heat setting. I don't know the reason for the hand washing recommendation because they came out just as soft and nice and they were before washing. I did not notice any shrinkage, pilling, or color fade, but I've only washed them once. Now I have to decide whether to hand wash from now on. Julie

tnbarncat1307853307.161 PostsRegistered 6/11/2011

I do put in the washer and wash on cold. I do air dry though. Think I will try the dryer next time - it may be the rhinestone heart that requires the 'gentle care.'

CAshopper2­0111307853577.4473746 PostsRegistered 12/20/2009
I think anything with embellishments recommends habswashing. I've had luck washing things with rhinestones inside out in a sweater bag. I think inside out would be fine for these pants to prevent pilling. I dont have them yet. I wanted to try them but thought they were a little bit expensive, but maybe I should try them out.

lovestotea­ch1307884458.81717678 PostsRegistered 1/2/2009DFW Metroplex, Tx

How far up do these come on your waist? I like my pants to come all the way up, like where one would wear an at-the-waist belt. TIA

Lovestoteach~ ~ ♥ ♥♥

haddon91307886054.6376286 PostsRegistered 10/18/2005Bucks County, Pa

I don't have the crops but I do have the long pant jeans version and wore them all winter. I always washed them in the washer & dryer and actually wanted them to shrink just a bit since they tend to stretch out a bit after each wearing. They've been washed many times and the rhinestone heart just above the pocket has held up well. The waist on the long pants do come up pretty high.

kiamom231307886508.83158 PostsRegistered 1/21/2011

I have all of the different versions of this fabric and yes I do wash on cold and dry on low in the machine. They haven't shrunk or changed at all that I noticed. I am careful to not wash with anything too hard, like my husbands jeans or anything with an open zipper. I'm afraid that might scrape the fabric. I bet they recommend air drying because of the embellishment. I usually try to wash like fabrics together, like knits with knits only. These are not low rise. They come up above my natural waist, but I am short waisted and petite. Have you bought pants from the Q before? Online, at the bottom of the description there is usually a link for the actual measurements of the particular garment. I always look at that for the front rise height (and the other measurements) before I buy. I can compare to other pants that I have bought to know if they will work for me. I could use a tape measure, but I haven't.

lovestotea­ch1307886966.62317678 PostsRegistered 1/2/2009DFW Metroplex, Tx

Thank you, haddon and kiamom! When others say their pants come up to their bra line, I go chasing that style! I'm short (5'0") but am also short waisted (reason for needing long rise) and need a short length. Jeanne's regular jeans I purchased several years back fit beautifully, without even needing to hem. Just that these days, everywhere I try on pants, the idea is "at the waist" which doesn't work for me. I really want to try the long version of these in petite. Tried on CC's knit jeans -- great fabric as I'm sure Quacker's are also -- but the button hit right at the fullest part of my stomach -- at the b e ll y button -- not a good look for me!!!

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pw1307900782.177315 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I turn mine inside out and wash them on the gentle cycle in cold water and lay them out to dry.

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haddon91307901791.1276286 PostsRegistered 10/18/2005Bucks County, Pa


These will not hit you at the belly button but above. Give them a try but I would size down since they tend to be cut big.

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