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Nancy Hornbeck is no longer tolerable....bye!

Started 1280824215.853 in Q News | Last reply 1300589905.65 by Tx Starlight

Nancy Hornbeck & Jonathan Redford just came on (4am - eastern time) for the Fashion Clearance show. Jonathan is new & is very good. Nancy is AWWWFUULLLL. I just can't stand it any longer. 15 minutes into the show, & I counted 16 times Nancy has said "UMM". Not kidding. Between that & her HYENA-laugh......I'm going to go to other channels for my tv-time.

I've been very addicted to QVC ...partially because I like to see the items offered, partially because I always found it RELAXING to have on.....& I'd order as a result. It's NO longer relaxing. It's more like nails on a chalkboard when Nancy is on.

It's bad enough that we have to tolerate Patti R. Not expecting perfection....each host is an individual human w/ individual personalities, as they should. But this Nancy chick has got to GO.

Call me when Nancy's gone & I'll tune back in. {#emotions_dlg.scared}