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Where has QVC electronic man Oscar Duvall been.I noticed two other gentleman doing the. electronic shows . I hope he didn't leave very intelligent & explained what made items tic. I even thought that he would make a great host! THANKS MY FELLOW QVC SHOPERS . Smile

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bazb1279096112.1274234 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I believe he was on either this past Saturday or Sunday--still around.

Jodee11279100043.63182 PostsRegistered 5/12/2010

He was on the other day and I saw him. Still as cute as ever! I really like him and the cute faces he makes. lol

marygray1279100471.96347973 PostsRegistered 5/8/2005

Saw him about 3 days ago selling electronics.

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LostGirl1279239773.6275024 PostsRegistered 10/22/2009

I think I saw him early this a.m, or yesterday, on the Morning Show with the Dan I like, not the loud sport-selling Dan. (really should pay attention to their names!)

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aydinsgma1279239953.077166 PostsRegistered 1/12/2008

I also enjoy watching him. He is very informative.

france541279889425.863239 PostsRegistered 1/29/2010

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin} Glad hes still around. He helped a lot with my Dell. I am glad he is still selling electronics on QVC!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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