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QVC to change it's name!!!!!!

Started 1306192120.8 in Q News | Last reply 1307583437.903 by Flying Eagle

Did you hear the news?

QVC will be changing it's name.{#emotions_dlg.w00t}

I am sure you have noticed over the past year how much QVC has changed, it was only a matter of time before this happened so I am sure you will not be surprised. The new name is going to be: SFM Shopping for Makowsky!{#emotions_dlg.devil2}

After all, that is practically all they sell now anyway. Between Bruce and his wife Kathy QVC has practically turn over the reins to them Kathy and her over priced vinyl handbags{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown} and Bruce with his over price leather handbags!{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown} I am tired of both of them When I see either one I turn off QVC!{#emotions_dlg.mad}