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Upset with QVC Outlet at Myrtle Beach, SC

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This evening I was shopping at the QVC outlet store in MB, SC. Found a really cute Tig bag that I decided to purchase. Went to check out and said I would be paying with my Q card. The cashier promptly drew my attention to a sign that stated they could not accept the Q cards at this time. She stated that they haven't been able to accept them in several months, something to do with some cards having a black bar code and some that don't. I didn't exactly follow her explanation. I wanted to use it because I have a credit on it that would have covered the cost of the bag. She said I would have to pay by some other means. So now a QVC charge card is not accepted at a QVC store. What's next? I told them to keep it and left. I'm sure they would have taken my VISA ok. So where is a good place to start my complaint? Manager of the outlet store? They lost that sale, and probably others I might have made later in my vacation. Anyone else have this happen to them in a QVC outlet store? Thanks for any info.

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MotleyCrue­4EVA1314887996.613096 PostsRegistered 7/17/2009South of Baltimore

All she had to do was place a call to QVC Customer Service and they would have put the charge through to your card over the phone.

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