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Clark shoes

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I'm wondering if anyone else is having trouble with Clark shoes falling apart? I've had 2 pair of Clark's now that disintegrated while I was wearing them. I had a pair on while I was out to dinner. It was so embarrassing to be setting and feeling my shoes fall apart. I was just hoping no one would look at my shoes as I walked out of the restaurant.

I really do like my Clarks I have many pairs. The ones that fell apart are ones I only wear once in awhile. They really just disintegated.

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Tx Starlig­ht1301309178.2575094 PostsRegistered 2/8/2010

I have read this before,not sure if it in reviews or on here. I have many Clarks shoes & never had a problem. I wonder if you go to their web site they have number to call or some CS info.

Roseyglow1301313866.5471018 PostsRegistered 1/11/2011east coast

{#emotions_dlg.scared} Yikles... sounds like a malfunction to me. I have many Cl arks shoes for years .. and they never fell apart. [for the prices they charge they shouldn't {#emotions_dlg.angry}] I don't have however the newer styles like the bend ables. I read somewhere, I forgot where? there was a thread about the Clark's bend ables falling apart.{#emotions_dlg.crying}


Weedie1301332034.42329 PostsRegistered 9/10/2008

I thought I was the only one. I have had two pair also to fall apart. I was walking and look down, the whole side of my foot was hanging out. I have trown two pair away and haven't bought anymore.

sfnative1301333157.217223 PostsRegistered 4/23/2007Portland, OR

I've not heard of this before, but can tell you that the ones I recently ordered are huge - at least 1 full size larger than the size indicated.

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laxxmom1301339632.43720 PostsRegistered 10/19/2009

I too had my latest pair of Clarks disintegrate. the insole peeled and then the leather gave way. In Texas we have SAS shoes and I will go there for sturdy walking shoes.

LoveTheMtns1301341647.641 PostsRegistered 2/27/2011

Hi, Nelle. This has happened eventually to all of my Clark's, probably 6-8 pairs. (I'm down to 2 pairs and have to keep an eye on them....) Granted, it's after I've had them awhile, but I've never had this happen consistently with any brand of shoe. They never make it to the "donate sack" - they end up in the garbage can!

I have to laugh when I think back to one pair in particular that "blew out" at work. Thankfully, I was among friends....

di-mc1301342812.5277669 PostsRegistered 12/4/2006the real world

There was a post about this about a month or so ago. Maybe there is a problem, but I've been very satisfied with the Clark shoes I have.

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banjo1301343343.1835475 PostsRegistered 6/16/2006Nebraska

Sorry to hear this. I've had Clarks for years and never had this problem with any of my Clarks.

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kivah1301360907.7673898 PostsRegistered 7/21/2008oxnard, CA

I have at least 15 pairs of Clarks clogs and never had the problem. Last year, a pair of my White Mt. clogs ripped away from the sole - the whole side of the shoe.

GiannaM1301371105.5331 PostsRegistered 3/28/2011

This is a real problem with Clark's leather clogs. To date, I've had 3 pair disintegrate where the uppers join the soles. These were not old shoes...well, one pair was about 4 years old, but the others were not old at all. All were expensive. It was embarrassing on one occasion as I walked into the dentist's office, only to realize my shoe was falling apart!! If you google this, you will find lots of complaints all over the net. I used to be devoted to Clark's shoes, and I have a few very old pair that are still okay. But they have lost me as a customer forever!! Mine were not stored in the boxes [something they recommend not to do] and they were worn regularly [also something they recommend you do] I think it is simply poor workmanship. I would never recommend to anyone to buy this brand. I took one pair to a shoe repair shop, and the repairman told me he regularly had these come in. He said I wouldn't believe how many of these came into his shop...he just shook his head..! He could offer no repair that would hold, as he said the upper was never actually stitched to the lower....it was decorative stitching only. I think Clark's were good shoes once upon a time, but no more. I'll be looking for another brand.

Carolina9251301475828.9632143 PostsRegistered 1/31/2007

I've had that happen with 3 pairs so far. Clarks aren't what they used to be. I've worn them for years as my winter shoes and even had a foot doctor tell me they were good for my feet. All 3 pairs came apart at the stitching that holds the tops to the soles. Has the company been sold or are they just using inferior threads now?

Vicce1301518861.117437 PostsRegistered 4/27/2008Georgia
I have several pair of Clark's and have never had a problem with any of them. I tried not to order the fisherman sandals for 2 weeks but finally gave in, they should be here tomorrow...hope I love them cause I'm tired of returning things to Q.

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geranium1301624839.123707 PostsRegistered 6/8/2006

I have two pairs, identical with exception of colors, where the thread attaching the top to the sole has completely dry-rotted. One pair I had worn a season (still lookd new); the other pair I had worn only once or twice for a very short period of time. It was very weird to feel the shoe coming apart while wearing.

I checked on line and could find no place to contact anyone. Checked several times.

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cajungal1301676052.90740 PostsRegistered 5/24/2007

I'm so glad you posted this question about Clark's. I recently had a pair of clogs which the soul came loose from the leather. I took it to a shoe repairman and he showed me that it could not be repaired. I figure there went about $60. Just yesterday, Thursday, March 31, I put on a pair of sandals and felt something flapping. When I looked, the same thing was happening to them, the soul came off and I could tell it could not be repaired. I figured about $50 this time (I don't remember just what cost was so I am averaging). So I guess there will be no more Clark's for me.

Timneh1301772543.4631344 PostsRegistered 4/23/2006

It seems like the rubber soles disintegrate after about 3-5 years. Falls apart where it attaches to the upper. The uppers are in great condition; the soles are shot. Had it happen in about 5-6 pairs of Clarks Rebecca style shoes.

rambocat1301773408.4933976 PostsRegistered 1/16/2008

Were the Clarks that fell apart purchased from Q or a b&m store?

what a long strange trip it's been

Timneh1301773853.8471344 PostsRegistered 4/23/2006

Some from QVC, some from JC Penney, Zappos. It isn't all styles of Clarks - just the ones with the soft, squishy rubber sole, as in style A91698. The indigo, Privo, and their other sole styles seem to be ok, just that one type of sole.

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nelle1301910891.96719 PostsRegistered 10/4/2007

All my Clark shoes came from QVC. I really do like my Clarks I counted them I have 20 pairs! I must said I really am thinking twice about buying anymore. I really look my shoes over before I leave the house I'm afraid to be walking around and have my shoes fall apart, again!

TexCin1302062661.6412 PostsRegistered 3/8/2011

I too have experienced this on two pair of Clarks, both of which disintegrated in the past three months. My Clarks come from QVC, box stores, and the Clark shoe stores. The worst experience occured as I was shopping in WalMart and there was an odd feeling with the shoe, some flapping and it fell apart. I had to purchase black duct tape and tape my black clog shoe together to complete my errands that day. I wear Clark's exclusively for their comfort, but have lost my confidence in them. Who wants to be caught out of the home with a shoe that falls apart on your feet? I am exploring other brands...any recommendations for a brand that provides the same (or maybe better) level of comfort as the Clarks? Anyone from Clarks reading these boards who might be able to tell us why this is happening and what changes might be in place to prevent this problem in the future?

Sunshine K­ate1302090420.9412984 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky

I don't buy Clark's shoes anymore for that reason and I bought mine from the mall.
The quality has gone so downhill. They just aren't worth any price to me. They look cheap too; thin leather.

ItsMe131302095912.43786 PostsRegistered 1/8/2008

Althought I wear Clarks shoes all the time - I would never buy them here and pay shipping. Clarks has stores in many outlets when you can get them even cheaper than in dept. stores.

lioness1302141281.647185 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007florida

I was surprised to hear about the Clark shoes falling apart. I recently bought 2 pair, same style from an on line shoe discount site. These were sandles from the "unstructured" line, and I got amazing prices. Like the others, I have many pair of Clark shoes and have never had a problem with them coming apart. However, I use to get only White Mountain, mostly from the Q, until I was at a college graduation, and when someone asked what was all that black stuff on the floor, I looked down and it was the bottom of my shoe.It had crumbled apart. Not long after that, a similar incident walking out of a medical appointment the next pair of White Mountain clogs fell apart. I still had 5 more pair, and I checked them all out, and they all were breaking apart. I put the rest of my clogs in a bag and out to the trash they went. Some of these were only worn once or twice. I have had good luck with my Clarks, and hopefully it will continue. Some of the styles tend to run a it long, but I can still wear my regular size. I never had any luck trying to contact the White Mt. people, and around that time the regular rep, Dave, no longer was with the company. I hope you all have better luck with the Clarks people.I would be curious to know what material is being used that is so inferior that it just breaks apart.

kivah1302149046.323898 PostsRegistered 7/21/2008oxnard, CA

lioness: A year ago, I was walking down the stairs in my house & the left side of my White Mt. clogs ripped open. I had these basic black clogs for a few years - but I was shocked that it happened. Luckily I was home at the time. I own at least 15 pairs of Clarks clogs & never had a problem & hopefully never will - as my favorite shoes are Clarks.

ladyluck1302180039.213596 PostsRegistered 5/10/2006

All you have to do is check "country of origin".....that answers it all. they USED to be made in the US.....those lasted forever.....not so anymore....you are getting what THEY are paying for....not what YOU are paying for.

cajungal1305131347.5940 PostsRegistered 5/24/2007
On 4/1/2011 cajungal said:

I'm so glad you posted this question about Clark's. I recently had a pair of clogs which the soul came loose from the leather. I took it to a shoe repairman and he showed me that it could not be repaired. I figure there went about $60. Just yesterday, Thursday, March 31, I put on a pair of sandals and felt something flapping. When I looked, the same thing was happening to them, the soul came off and I could tell it could not be repaired. I figured about $50 this time (I don't remember just what cost was so I am averaging). So I guess there will be no more Clark's for me.

This morning, my third pair of Clark's "hit the dust" (trash). I noticed some black pieces of something were on the floor and decided to inspect my Clark's sandals and sure enough, the soul just disintegrated. What a waste of money of my money.

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