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Q Did What?

Qvc is a scam.

Started 1301155046.417 in Q Did What? | Last reply 1303831083.217 by Vicce

Just curious if anyone else is noticing how QVC's only seems to be interested in ripping everyone off?

They never have good deals! Have they ever had a great deal? Especially after they add in their Ripoff shipping charges? And Tax! Even though by law they are not required to collect tax unless they have a presence in your state. They probably pocket it.

Even TSV's are a ripoff, almost always they will be more expensive then other stores.

Like this B.Makowsky garbage. Made at the same place in China that $20 bags you can get at Walmart are made. And look what a joke of a price! Junk is on all the time because it's high profit!

They are by any standard a scam though.

The way they take advantage of people with the price and lie or twist the truth when decribing items or prices. They try acting all honorable, etc.

They have it down and fool a lot of people!

If it was not for easy pay I don't believe they would be so big.

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