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Help! Does anyone have a dog who whines, cries, moans constantly?

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We have a Beagle mix, maybe 9 or so years old (he was a pound adoption, so we're guessing).  The vets say there is nothing causing this but emotional (although he's happy) and its a Beagle thing.  But he whines and cries so loud ALL THE TIME that we dont know what to do!   He even whines when he's happy and wagging his tail.  He wants to be within 4 feet of my husband, but we cant hear each other talk, hear the tv, sleep, etc.  We started banning him from the bedroom so we could sleep, and he cries and scratches at the door every hour for 15 minutes or so then stops.  Until the next hour.  My husband says its like having colicky newborn.

He's so sweet, but we're at our wit's end with him!


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Marp1271990936.98713480 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Western NC

How long have you had him? 

Sounds like he just wants to be the center of attention.  You might try reward/ignore to teach him that when he cries and whines he gets nothing, not even acknowledgement.  When he stops and is quite a small favorite treat and a couple of good boys.

A dog chasing his tail eventually bites himself.

Hopeadope1271991237.37623 PostsRegistered 10/20/2007usa

Maybe he is lonely and needs a friend, another dog to give some of that affection too.  I wouldn't ignore him but maybe do a short acknowledgement. My daughter had some problems like this and got another dog and now she begs for attention LOL, but it did help with the dogs behavior. If you can't get another dog maybe take him around other dogs to interact with.

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NYwoman1271999444.8271201 PostsRegistered 11/18/2007

I adopted my 10 yr old Shih Tzu last year (orphaned).  She has quite a vocal range.  She talks, sings, barks, and whines.  She sounds so pathetic and even huffs with it.  Drives my friend nuts.  I encourage her other vocal endeavors but have learned to either ignore the whine or treat it the same as a bark, a method of telling me something.  

These rescued dogs have habits they learned to get their needs met.  We must show them a different way to accomplish those needs.  

Beagles are known for their vocal range.  Direct his use of it.  Beagles bay to tell others they found their prey.  Play games with him and use some of that sound, encourage it THEN.  Try to tune into his way of letting you know his needs (to go out, be fed, want to snuggle).  As he learns when to vocalize, teach him when to be quiet through treat rewards.  

Holly and I sing in the car.  She likes Amazing Grace and her name.  She is whining less as she has learned more effective ways to get her point across.  

Marlea Lee1272002860.131024 PostsRegistered 3/10/2010

Oh, wow, greeneyed girl, we have a rescue mix beagle female who started this behavior a year ago, at around the age of 7. 

We rescued her from the pound when she was 2 years old (approximately) so she is around 8 years old now.  There is an "anxiety" type feeling attached to her whining, and because she has been thoroughly checked by the vet and has no physical problems, we (especially my husband) are at wits end too!

I have not found the solution yet, but suspect that this might be an instinctual thing (she is beagle/shelty mix), and needs a lot more outdoor attention than we have been giving her.  This is just an assumption on my part, but will let you know if/when we discover what the heck her problem is.  Until then, hang in there, girl!!



shosh1272003625.4973039 PostsRegistered 12/12/2008

dog breeds that require lots of outdoor activity, like beagles, often have issues when living as standard house pets. it's in their blood. {#emotions_dlg.bored}

some pace the floor for hours, or stay awake all night, etc...sometimes they just don't know what to do with themselves.

you would think that an older dog would not develop it later in life, but as marlea posted, hers did....

maybe a beagle breeder, or a dog trainer would have  better possible solutions than the vet.

we love our animals, but they sure can make life difficult, and who needs the added stress.

Smileever watch "it's me or the dog", on animal planet ?  a british trainer, lives in usa now. hey, apply to have her help you ! she does go to people's homes...

she  seems to work miracles and the dogs always look to her when she speaks,   she is so tuned into them.  {#emotions_dlg.tt1}

''among saints''...why, thank you...

GreenEyedG­irl1272028710.6872177 PostsRegistered 11/19/2007Beautiful Maryland

Wow, I sure could use a dog specialist!  I wish the Dog Whisperer would pay us a visit!

Chance is older, maybe around 9, a beagle-lab, and my husband has had him since he was around 1.  When they first got him, he made NO sound for the first year.  My husband thought that maybe his vocal cords were damaged.  But then he started making sounds again, like normal.

He's always whined a little, but now its CONSTANTLY!

He whines when we love on him, whines when we ignore him, has another dog and 5 cats at home, has a big yard with a doggie door to run and do as he wants, although he's older and slowing down.  He has the life, but he just cries and cries.  My husband rubs and rubs and rubs him trying to get him to calm down. 

I'm better at ignoring him than my husband is - he says he cannot get past it and gets so upset about it.  Sometimes it does drown out the tv, or conversations.

The vets swear he's not in pain - and he'll be whining while his tail is wagging happily. 

We just dont know what to do.  He's such a sweet baby, but its getting tough to be around him!  {#emotions_dlg.sad}

"It's never too late to be who you were meant to be."

pinkcrystal1272028963.681291 PostsRegistered 4/24/2006Northern Michigan

I would start to not reward him whenever he whines because as long as he is getting reinforcement for it, he will probably continue doing it.  That means don't pet him when he whines, don't talk to him when he whines etc.  Ignore him when whining and lavish praise on him when he isn't. 

GreenEyedG­irl1272031419.5772177 PostsRegistered 11/19/2007Beautiful Maryland

Sometimes when he's quiet and you go over to pet him or give him a kiss, it starts his whining.

Yes, I agree my DH shouldnt rub him when he's whining to try to quiet him, because thats reinforcing bad behavior.

I'm going to ask the vet for doggie prozac or valium.

"It's never too late to be who you were meant to be."

shosh1272061773.033039 PostsRegistered 12/12/2008

personally don't care for the dog whisperer, but the brit lady , victoria,

would definitely tell you to absolutely ignore him when he whines, don't make eye contact, turn your body away even....it may seem cruel, but it's just a way of communicating with the dog. and  dogs love to be communicated with in ways they understand.

Kissi think victoria would say,  if he is quiet, make a point of  petting him, when he whines you stop instantly, say"quiet" and ignore him,absolutely.... til he is quiet...repeat...he may actually get it after several [or a gazillion] repeats. don't worry if he slips up, we all do. it may take several "exercise" routines for him to get it.

it is amazing how the dogs get to understand what things mean, if the people in their lives are very consistent, they respond, almost like a robot...as the people vacillate, the dog gets confused. yes, often, it's all our faults!

{#emotions_dlg.huh}one other thing, before you resort to meds...did the vet check his hearing ?

that can be hard to discern in an animal as they are so aware.  he could have certain levels that he can't process properly, and the whining is related to that.

we had many animals too, we figured we'd seen it all, but then, something weird out of the blue. good luck...

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''among saints''...why, thank you...

MalteseMom­ma1272119663.1578058 PostsRegistered 8/15/2006

This is a normal Beagle trait,your vet was right.You are lucky he isn't howling or constantly barking .Beagles are known to do this.It's too bad they don't tell prospective fur parents this before they adopt one.A little positive and  LOVING training will do wonders.Reward him for his good quiet behavior.Good luck and try to love and  enjoy your furbaby ,faults and all,just as he loves you.{#emotions_dlg.wub}


Thumbs down for CM (dog wisperer)  {#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

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Spunkyspou­ts1272440633.9177307 PostsRegistered 11/19/2008miami

omg, YES!!!! My Bichon Binney is the worst, he whines and frets about everything! He whines when I am making his food, he whines when he wants up on the bed, he whines if he isnt the center of attention, he whines if he doesnt get to sit in the front on my lap in the car, he whines when we hit a red light, he whines when he wants a sip of latte'. He whines all the time and its all emotional. its unreal. I just put up and shut because I know he isnt ever going to stop. I know if you try to ease his non existent pain by fussing he will think there is actually something wrong with him and  will whine even more for attention so you do have to ignore as much as you can. At times I have to just block him by shutting the door in his face, and then thats a whole other look, I call it The Injustice Look" how could you !!!!

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