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Pet Armour vs. Frontline

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I have 6 dogs. Between the topical flea meds and heartworm meds, it's expensive! I have always used Frontline, because it works! But when iI saw the ad for Pet Armour, and how much cheaper it was, I thought I'd try it! BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my dogs had a hot spot above her tail that's scabbed. She and her 5 siblings have been itching and scratching since I put the Pet Armour on them! They're all miserable! NEVER AGAIN!!! I made a mistake buying a cheaper product! Save your dogs from my mistake! Stick with Frontline!!!!

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ok4ablonde21311702589.798837 PostsRegistered 3/9/2009Midwest

Plus Pet Armour is made in India. I would never use it on my pets.

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Kiss my mu­tt1311716312.6971314 PostsRegistered 12/31/2006

Thanks for the tip. I am looking for a new flea and tick medication so I know what to avoid now!

purrmom1311807421.8933400 PostsRegistered 5/27/2010Mid-MO

Hope you're buying pet meds online from Foster & Smith or 1-800 pet meds. Much cheaper, free, fast shipping.

AnnikaC1311819481.881028 PostsRegistered 4/26/2011

I get my Frontline Plus at this site:


Their prices are very reasonable. I have two large Dobies, and their meds get pricey, so I was glad to find this place.

SophiaMarie1312064834.1636732 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

We recently got a rescue (a terrier mix) and got Revolution. It not only takes care of everything Frontline does, but also is a Heartworm preventative...... We got it from


We shopped around and this was the cheapest price. You need a Rx, so the Vet. faxed them a Rx for 6 mos. and gave us 1 refill, so she's good to go for another year..... I put it on her last week and there are absolutely no problems... She's not scratching and has no adverse effects....

ETA - my dog weighs 22 lbs. so she needed the next size up....

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