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Any supplements to help prevent UTI's in dogs?

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I was searching and found a cranberry suppplement and some other herbal. Has anyone supplemented their dogs diet to help prevent urinary tract infections?

thank you!

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Townsend1308979455.921112 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007

D-Mannose Powder. Just Google it for information about this product. It is perfectly safe and will cure UTI's in dogs as well as in people. Unlike antibiotics that only temporarily mask symptoms, it will eliminate the problem entirely without any side effects. It is highly recommended by Holistic Vets. Also, you can add vitamin C to your dog's diet. It acidifies the urinary tract and helps prevent the problem.

Reiss19801309005042.0538218 PostsRegistered 4/15/2011Central NJ /Freehold// Long island NY

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin} Thanks so much for sharing this o/p good to know!

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lisaebk1309048939.38219 PostsRegistered 6/30/2007

I am very interested in D-Mannose Powder but can't find a dose for dogs. I can find a tab with cranberry and d-mannose for dogs. Do you have a link that might help? Thank you for this, it looks very encouraging.

conlt1309049635.1272111 PostsRegistered 5/22/2007

When my dog was just about 3-4 months old, she had a bad UTI. The vet put her on antibiotics, that did not work, then antibiotic shots. It still was not gone. I used per the vets instruction Cranberry Extract. I had a hard time finding the extract but finally found it a a grocery store in the vitamin section. I will tell you, I was very frustrated, and one night I just googled her dog food, which was Nutro. I found many people complained about thier dogs getting UTI's so I immediately stopped feeding her Nutro. 3 days later I had an appointment with her at our state Vet School and they sampled her urine and it was clear. She never had a problem again. Now, don't get me wrong, my other dogs ate Nurtro and never had a problem but this dog seemed to. I believe it was the Nurto and nothing else because my vet had stopped treating her and recommended I go to the Vet school since she could not figure it out.

Townsend1309053540.691112 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007
On 6/25/2011 lisaebk said:

I am very interested in D-Mannose Powder but can't find a dose for dogs. I can find a tab with cranberry and d-mannose for dogs. Do you have a link that might help? Thank you for this, it looks very encouraging.

Dosage for a larger dog, a Lab for instance is about 1/2 tsp. 3 X Day, and maintenance is 1/2 tsp. 1 X day for chronic cases. Keep in mind that D-Mannose is only effective for UTI's caused by ecoli. That said, 90% of UTI's are caused by ecoli, however not all cases. If you have a smaller dog, just adjust the dose. I have used 1/4 tsp. for small dogs & cats. Purchase the D-Mannose for people, the Now brand is good, it's the same stuff and much cheaper than those supposedly formulated for animals. Just sprinkle it in their food.

I would also add a probiotic to your dogs food. This also might help keep your dog clear from UTI's.

iownakees1309200629.41119 PostsRegistered 4/23/2009

I am using a Cranberry tablet w/ D-mannose for dogs from Drs. Foster & Smith on line. We adopted a 4 year old Keeshond from the SPCA 3 months ago. She had a UTI that went left untreated by her previous owners & developed struvite stones in her bladder had tobe surgically removed. When we adopted her, she was on different meds & prescription food while she recovered. We were told she might be prone to reoccuring UTI's.

Our vet recommended a cranberry supplement. After doing some research I decided on the Fosters & Smith supplement. Our vet said it was an excellent choice. She gets 1 tab in her breakfast & 1 in her dinner based on her size & she eats just fine. She will even eat them right out of your hand as a treat. You can also break them in half or crush depending on your needs.

We also feed her a natural food. You may want to check w/ your vet as certain brands/formulas are more beneficial to a pets w/ UTI's or have history of UTI's. So far, we have been UTI free & she is doing wonderful! Good luck to you!

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