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We have 4 but our small 11 year old 5 pound yorkie started about 2 months ago constantly licking the floor, any floor and all over plus the furniture and us and our clothing non stop. I took her to the vet and he did blood work and checked her out and said everything is fine. I am afraid she will get bound up or something. I started to vacuum much more. At first she was doing it in the kitchen where one of the other dog eats and always picks her food out of her dish and puts it on the floor so all the other 3 would go and lick the floor where she ate so didn't think too much till she started licking everything all over.

she eats good, goes potty good and has no other health issues but is on a heart med(size of a poppy seed or smaller) but started this before that. She is healthy otherwise, good appetite, good everything else but I just worry she would or could get bound up.

any ideas on why she does this or how to stop it or isn't it anything to worry about. thanks

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Deb7771296253934.7636929 PostsRegistered 6/25/2005


I think its anxiety....

My dog did this when my hub bought a business and wasn't home on time .. and then I had to go help him, so then I wasn't home all the time...

In her 13 years she never did this till then.



queendiva1296255133.423945 PostsRegistered 9/22/2006

I agree. It sounds like a behavioral issue. Consult a reputable dog trainer. Good luck.

realsilver­girl1296255387.8631979 PostsRegistered 12/12/2009

i used to think my dog had allergies and his tongue/throat itched so he licked things. My pup now always licks - paws and her pri-vettes! she silly!

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doglover31296256087.3210506 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Nothing has changed here. I am home all the time with her and no, she has never done this till the last 2 months. DH works 3 till 11:30 PM but has always worked this shift. The vet said nothing is the matter with her. I pick her up when I see her doing this and hold, pet and talk to her but she is either licking me or my clothes as soon as I stop petting.. She does love to give kisses, always has liked to do that. She does it(licks the bedding) when we first go to bed but soon stops and goes to sleep. She sleeps right above my pillow(almost on it) with her head on the pillow next to mine so she can give me kisses every once in awhile. When she is ready to get up she starts licking my eyes. She will get up and go out and go potty when she has to and comes back to bed. DH made steps for them that run tight up against the side of the bed, more like long landings since only one will do real steps but all will use this. We have a doggy door that goes right from the house to the fenced in(locked gate) back yard. All love this.

the one Bichon we got when my friend passed away from lung cancer constantly washed her. the vet said this isn't uncommon since her sister passed away from total kidney failure a year ago this past December so this one took to our little one, only a year apart in age. She doesn't seem to mind though, never moves or tries to leave. This didn't just start though, has been since the bichon lost her sister over a year ago but the licking for Kayla just started about 2 months ago.

Doxie1296256880.769354 PostsRegistered 7/1/2007

I had a carpet licker. I trained her to lick her blanket or towel. Anytime she started to lick the carpet I gave her the blanket/ towel. I think that my dog licked as her security blanket. I did worry about what she would lick so that is why I gave her something that she could lick. It could be soothing to her.


c_la_vee1296257415.2271832 PostsRegistered 9/2/2009
On 1/28/2011 Doxie said:

I had a carpet licker. I trained her to lick her blanket or towel. Anytime she started to lick the carpet I gave her the blanket/ towel. I think that my dog licked as her security blanket. I did worry about what she would lick so that is why I gave her something that she could lick. It could be soothing to her.


I have a dog that does that too.
He's healthy, eats right nothing wrong with him.

I figured out that when he does that, he wants to eat grass but he's indoor so he can't.
So I just take him out to eat some grass, I make sure that the grass that he eats is not treated with anything at all. He eats all he wants then he feels better.

Dogs like to eat grass from time to time and some dogs do that more than others.

doglover31296264414.6910506 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

yes, we don't treat our lawn with anything either since we have dogs, don't do it out front either since so many walk their dogs.

I guess she is okay, vet checked her out and said don't worry abou it but you know how it goes, you do worry and just thought maybe there was something I could do to stop her. She isn't really a grass eater although we do have one that does that once in a great while. She is fine when asleep, sleeps good, eats good and goes potty normally and loves to be held and talked to, don't they all, so, guess she is okay and doing her own thing so just make sure I vacuum more often.

Other then our Min Pin the other 3 don't really shed, 2 yorkies and 1 bichon. I comb and brush them every day plus the 1 yorkie and bichon go to the groomer every other month. This little one that licks, doesn't like strangers so I do her myself, takes longer but she is more contented and much happier this way. We do take turns taking them for a ride late night. All but the older Yorkie love to go for a ride. Katy, 13 year old larger yorkie(13 to 15 lbs) gets car sick and starts to shake if she even sees her harness or leash but she does go to the groomer every other month. We take 2 at a time for a ride so there is always one home with Katy so she doesn't feel alone or left out but is much happier at home. The other 3 love to go for a ride and I do mean they love it. I give them all a treat when we come home, petite baby carrots I keep in water in the fridge, their favorite treat.

annabellet1296594807.543299 PostsRegistered 4/3/2010

We had a dog that licked constantly when she was sick to her stomach. She licked the floor, carpet and just kept lapping her tongue and swallowing. Ultimately, she was diagnosed with a problem with her digestive system and we had to put her on a prescription food diet. Because of the digestive issue she was producing excessive saliva which made her lick. That helped some but did not totally cure the problem; it minimized the licking but she still did it. I think you need a second opinion - it's not always about blood tests and clinical data. And...like human medicine...sometimes there is no answer. Good luck!

MalteseMom­ma1296601544.9838058 PostsRegistered 8/15/2006

I just read somwhere that this may be a form of OCD

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Gigikiwi1296607732.2331552 PostsRegistered 12/13/2007

I think it is an age thing. My older dog did it. Now my other dog who is aging does it. Not as much as the first dog, but she does it.

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