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A guy here at work has a Bull Mastiff and it has all sorts of skin and feet issues. He is feeding him Beneful and the research on Beneful isn't good. So we're looking for an appropriate food for this large dog. Any help you can provide is appreciated. I have had good success with Dream Coat by Halo for my small dogs' coats, and he has started his dog on this with success (and it's only been a week).


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foobar1286300314.297527 PostsRegistered 6/9/2008

A poodle

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abbycat1286300993.9374618 PostsRegistered 5/19/2007Maryland

If he's having skin and foot issues with his dog, I would think he'd want his Vet. to see him and see what he suggests regarding treatment and food.



CherN1286301545.333511 PostsRegistered 2/13/2008

Thanks Abbycat - been there and done that. Just put him on antibiotics and the problem goes away for a while - then comes back. Sounds like alergies to me, so just wondering if anyone here has a good suggestion for food.

Brabls1286302072.3514740 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

Bull Mastiffs are impressive dogs. Good luck finding the right food.

I had a lab that loved to meet other dogs. Oiur local WBS has 'Hoops & Hounds", a promotion where we can bring our dogs to a basketball game with special displays, etc. We were assigned seats next to a woman with a Bull Mastiff. My puney 65 pound lab decided "ignore" was the best option when she saw the Bull Mastiff.

alas felic­es1286311711.65258 PostsRegistered 4/7/2009SoCal

My dogs skin and coat are on the road to recovery, after so many years of store bought food. He had begun having itchy feet and ears. Plus, his skin was real pink and he smelled as bad as the bad food (think corn chips and dirty socks lol)

He has been eating Wellness and I'm seeing signs of improvement. And I also give him a fish oil capsule every day.

You have to start from the inside/out.

We also bathed him with diluted Selsun Blue.

Hes looking great and feeling great. And I can now take the clothes pin off of my nose. lol

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drkcharger1286423311.687777 PostsRegistered 2/17/2005

Pretty much any good food from a pet store is better than feeding Beneful. All his symptoms sound like food allergies.

Bull Mastiffs are sensitive breed. I would also be willing to bet that the Benefull might have corn and wheat and that you want to stay away from.

Also keep in mind when he does switch him to another food do it slowly and it may take up to a month to see the change.

colson1286423827.5537442 PostsRegistered 10/23/2007East Coast

Anything he WANTS:)

Seriously, large breed dogs like this can be sensitive and get him off the Beneful and on to one of the better brands at a measured pace.

i would have the vet check out his issues first, and see if something like one of the special Science Diet or other high end mixes would be good for him. I also made sure my dog (not a Mastiff, quite teh oppostite) had both wet and dry foods in his diet.

Also make sure he gets tons of fresh water - believe it or not, some people forget that.

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RedConvert­ibleGirl1286424378.06714996 PostsRegistered 9/3/2005Pacific NW

I would contact a breeder and ask them what they feed their dogs. I did that when one of my girls quit eating. Come to find out, I was already feeding her the same food the breeder feeds her dogs.

But definitely NOT any brand of food you can get at the grocery store. One of my dogs had skin issues. After anti-biotics and ointment, we settled on Avoderm chicken. It's been great. He also gets a pro-biotic everyday. Salmon oil is also good for their coats.

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RedConvert­ibleGirl1286424447.5314996 PostsRegistered 9/3/2005Pacific NW

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When we shoulder the mantle of compassion no cry goes unheard and no wound goes unhealed. In this world of seemingly endless suffering we have to believe that no one is beyond hope of rescue. Scotlund Haisley, Animal Rescue Corps

CrazyDaisy1286447192.6732285 PostsRegistered 6/19/2008

If it is food allergies, I would suggest finding a food that does not contain any grains (corn, wheat, etc.) since these are he most common allergens. It is also helpful to find one with single protein source. Try to avoid chicken and beef since some dogs can also be allergic to those items. Lamb, fish, venison etc are good choices. You will need to feed this or a couple months to see if symptoms are eliminated. At that point you could start adding other proteins. It is a trial and error process that will take some time to determine what the dog is allergic.

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