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Protein in Dog's Urine

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My 11 -year- old doggie went to the vet last week for her semi-annual exam. Her exam and the blood work all turned out OK. She did, however, show protein in her urine. The vet put her on a seven-day course of antibiotics and will recheck a urine analysis after that. The vet said if it does not turn out to be a urinary tract infection, they will check for kidney stones or a small tumor with an ultrasound.

Has anyone had a similar problem with their senior pet? I am so afraid. My doggie has no signs or symptoms of being in pain or suffering from a tumor. Has anyone else's pet had an ultrasound? What if they do find a tumor; will they do surgery to remove it? I know I should not hit the panic button, but my doggie and I need each other so badly; I lost my husband nearly three years ago and she and I have helped each other through this difficult time.

Any replies would be appreciated!

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MalteseMom­ma1286152433.338061 PostsRegistered 8/15/2006

I understand your feelings and worry exactly.I don't have experience with this but I just wanted to let you know that I understand ,my dog is the same for me.I lost my DH too.

My dog did have an ultra sound though.I think I remember,they make them sleep through it,I'm not sure though.He had crystals in his bladder,( so the vet said) and was operated on for them.But I don't believe he ever had them,he never had symtoms of anything ever.He was at the ER for another reason entirely.It's a very long story...........To this day I think the vet lied about everything.He was 12.

Wouldn't protien in her urine mean an illness of some sort,that can be corrected with meds? Someone else here will have lots of info for you,I'm sure.

Try not to worry,but I know you are.I'll say a little prayer for both of you tonite.{{{hugs}}}

When you reach the end of your rope,you will find the hem of His garment

my-2-cents1286153691.497742 PostsRegistered 9/25/2006

shanialove, my 9+ year old dog had too much protein in her urine and it turned out to be kidney stones. She had surgery to remove them (I was so afraid to have her put under anesthesia because of her age and her collapsing trachea but she did fine).

I now have to get the protein level in her urine checked regularly and have her on a low protein diet. She seems to be adjusting to the new diet well. Who knew protein wasn't always good for dogs?

I can truly understand your attachment to your senior baby and wish you both the best!

...and that's my two cents.

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