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What Happened to Cook's Essentials Individual 3 or 4 Saucepan with Draining Holes & Locking Lids?

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These pots (3 or 4 quart size) are so fantastic and much safer to use. For those of us with arthritis, it's a much needed item. PLEASE BRING THESE ITEMS BACK. I found ONLY one such pot in the Technique line and it appears to be a new product. I would purchase it BUT from all the demonstrations, it appears you MUST use potholder to touch the lid and handles. When you have health issues with your hands and wrists, that just adds more issues to safety and cooking. Come on, QVC kitchen buyers PLEASE help with this concern.

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EmmyLu1280373834.047639 PostsRegistered 1/17/2010

That was my favorite pot in my set of Cook Essentials hard coat enameled cookware. My set had the two side handles (rather than one long handle), and the 3 qt. sauce pan had the locking lid cover with two sizes of draining holes. Great for pasta and vegetables.

Did not need a potholder to drain either - the two side handles were silicone coated and stayed cool. I agree that this design is a definite winner!

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sue-p1280380776.932835 PostsRegistered 8/11/2008minnesota

lily and EmmyLu,

I sure understand what you are saying about Q not having individual pot and pans in the smaller sizes. I just replaced my stainless steel set with hard anodized aluminum set. I really like the new set because the ss was too heavy for my arthritic hands and cooked too fast for me. I like the aluminum in every way except that it does leave metal marks in the sink. (we wash dishes by hand, by choice). But a little Ajax and elbow grease takes care of the marks.

I am writing to both of you because I have found a 3 quart, double handled pot, with a glass cover, which has straining holes on both sides. Best of all it has a locking peg which holds the cover on when you are straining the water off! Take a look at K19738 when you have a chance. It is the new hard anodized which can go in the dishwasher, if you desire. The cooked food just wipes out of my set, I don't know why someone couldn't just put a dot of detergent in the pan and wash by hand, it is so easy and fast. Let drip dry and put away 30 mins. later.

Hope this is what you have been looking for..............Susan {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}


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depglass1280399942.2625021 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

Yes, this is what I think OP means. BUT it is a mystery to me why QVC has never put silicone handles on their higher end cookware, meaning the stainless steel or hard anodized aluminum. I am very happy with those two categories, except for the lack of open stock pieces in three and four quart. Even though there are only two of us, and during the week I cook only for myself, I never use one quart and two quart pans. I boil a potato or two in a small pan and I'm pretty much guaranteed of a boil over. Too much multi tasking on the computer, I guess. Personally I wish they would replace the two smallest size pans in the sets with three and four quart. And give us silicone handles!!! I

nascar fan1280437444.551040 PostsRegistered 1/25/2005

i have 1 piece of hard anodized that has a locking drain lid. i think it is maybe 4 qt? has ss lid with small & lg drain holes in lid. i use it for pasta for hubs & me. but the lid has ss handle, i wish it was silicone! but otherwise love. nascar fan

AuntG1280437704.6937399 PostsRegistered 1/31/2009Wisconsin

I like the one that came with my hard coat enamel set. The set was a TSV last fall so my sister gave it to me for Christmas.

Beebo1280438729.4436960 PostsRegistered 4/13/2010

I wish QVC would offer open stock saucepans in several styles and sizes like they seem to with skillets. I have plenty of skillets and stockpots and don't want to buy a new complete set of cookware when I only need a 3 quart saucepan.

EmmyLu1280461829.857639 PostsRegistered 1/17/2010

Thanks Sue-P for your input. Yes, I came across that item, but it's hard to tell if the straining holes are of two different sizes. The smaller sized holes on the CE pan were pefect for angel hair pasta.

The design of this hard anodized pan is similar with two side handles, but neither the side handles nor the top lid cover handle are the "cool to the touch" silicone as on my old CE set.

Guess I was just spoiled; sold my old CE set for stainless steel and a few hard anodized pieces, but miss the "cool to the touch" silicone handles and this 3 qt sauce pot with locking stainer lid with 2 different sized holes.

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sue-p1280472478.0272835 PostsRegistered 8/11/2008minnesota


I know how you feel about having sold some pans that you really loved and miss now. I recently bought the hard anodized 10 pc. set to replace some ss that I had. I decided to return to aluminum for several reasons but this new set is not as well designed as the Mirro set that my mother gave me for my wedding in 1957! That set had so many features that I love. Fortunately, I kept the 2 qt. saucepans that make perfect rice every time, and the small 1 qt. saucepan that I heated baby bottles in, {#emotions_dlg.lol} but I gave someone the 3qt. with locking cover that had the strainer holes, and the chicken fryer and the large stock pot. That set has no non-stick coating but it does have black handles, which I think were called Bakalite. (?) They do not get hot, if you keep the gas flame at the correct size, ie: so it stays under the pan and not up the sides.

Anyhow, it makes me realize that sometimes I should stop and be thankful for what I have.
I am slowly buying piece by piece where I see one that I can use. I have ordered the three quart pot that I suggested above. I will see how it performs when I receive it. I can't tell from the picture on Q whether the holes are large and small or both large. I will report back here if I remember and can find the thread again. Susan



EmmyLu1280546722.193639 PostsRegistered 1/17/2010

Thanks, Sue-P. I hope you do respond back on the size of the holes - I'd really like to know before ordering. {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

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sue-p1280986048.4372835 PostsRegistered 8/11/2008minnesota


My 3 quart Technique pan, K19738, arrived today. It has large size holes on both sides of the lid, as you thought from the photo. Sorry that you will be disappointed that it doesn't hve small holes on one side. That is something which would be so easy for the designer to have included. What a shame! I don't cook angel hair pasta but there are times that I use a smaller hole strainer, too.

Other than that, I am very happy with the look of the pan. The diameter is large enough that the gas flame is not going to run up the sides,it has large handles on the lid and sides, the locking system seems very satisfactory...it really locks well. I think I will use this for heating many things and even cooking things like potatoes and other veggies. I am impressed with the weight of the stainless steel lid. It is tough feeling and will take some use without losing it's shape.

Overall, I think it is 4-1/2 stars. If only it had the small holes, it would be a 5 for sure! I think it is a good value and will last for years. Hope this helps you make up your mind, EmmyLu. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin} Susan


sue-p1280987763.112835 PostsRegistered 8/11/2008minnesota

lily 1128, EmmyLu, depglass, nascarfan,

The four of you each mentioned silicone handles and how you wish the new sets had them. I remembered seeing something that you could use to adapt your cookware handles to make it easier for arthritic hands and just anyone to keep handles from slipping or heating up and burning your hands.

I went to a site that I have used for adaptive devices, Gold Violin, and sure enough, that is where I found it. They have a set of 3 Cool Touch Cookware Grips. They describe the grips as "soft, rubbery grips which fit around the lid or side handles". The grips can remain on the cookware between uses. They measure 1" x 1.25" each and appear to be black in color. Now, they are on sale for $9.99 per set of 3.

I have placed several orders with this business over the past 2 years and have not had any problems at all. Susan

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EmmyLu1281063879.29639 PostsRegistered 1/17/2010

Thanks Susan for the suggestion on the silicone grips. It's worth checking out. Disappointed the holes are both large in size on the QVC pot - that's what I inferred from the picture.

I decided to order a 5 qt hard anodized nonstick sauce pot sold under the Food Network name and it is incredible. Will have to strain the old fashioned way by tilting the glass lid but it does have two stainless steel handles that would welcome the silicone grips. I decided on the Food Network pot because I recently purchased their 3 qt hard anodized saute pan and was impressed. It's not as heavy as Emeril's All Clad, but the glass lid and handles are better quality than Em's and I find myself using this pan nearly every other day. It cleans up superbly, the tempered glass lid is more durable than Em's and has a steel rim around it to seal it in place while cooking, the stainless steel trim shines beautifully, the nonstick is a plus...

Bought them both on sale at Kohls.com with 15% off coupons that they seem to offer weekly and you can use them even if the pot is already on sale.

Happy cooking everyone and thanks for your assistance.

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sue-p1281066984.182835 PostsRegistered 8/11/2008minnesota


I am glad that you found a pot that you enjoy. Since you use your 3 qt. so often, I suppose that I will, too. Been fun shopping with you!......Susan


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