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What Happened With Paula Deen?

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I heard she was sued.  I have been in the dark ages for the last few months.  Is Celebrity Chefs a show on Food network? I heard it was because her shows weren't "family friendly".  Well, that is true with some of her shows, but she does have plain old cook shows.  Can someone please spill the beans, and give me "the scoop"?

Clueless in California


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shoekitty1269665406.9214954 PostsRegistered 8/10/2006

That's it, huh?  I used to adore her show when it first came out, but then she got just too nasty, and cackled too loud. Her jokes and innuendo are just not funny, and just odd coming from a cook show host.  I quit watching.  But I use several of her recipes for every buffet I do, and do like her cooking. Her cooking can't be regular everyday eating, but for an occasional treat, they are great.  Her oven french Toast and oven strata, or egg dish are heaven.  I have made a cake from her, and a shrimp cassarole.  I feed them to other people, and use organic ingredients.  Guests really like the food.  It's stuff you just don't make for yourself everyday, and comforting.

life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death!"
Auntie Mame

somdgurl1269699363.38354 PostsRegistered 1/14/2007

I think there's more to the story:


Rap21269700569.38313235 PostsRegistered 5/24/2006

I always defended her because I'm Southern and her recipes remind me of what my mama used to cook.  To me, Southern cooking is the best there is.

What finished me off with Paula Deen is that I tuned into Fox & Friends where she was a guest that morning.   She was introduced and walked out to the couch where the anchors were sitting.  She then reached toward a male anchor's crotch like she was going to grab it.  Paula apparently forgets that Southern women are taught to be ladylike and this was anything but. 

SarahW1269719818.1916770 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
On 3/27/2010 Rapunzel2 said: Paula apparently forgets that Southern women are taught to be ladylike and this was anything but. 

Isn't that the truth?  And, I'm originally from south GA, and NOBODY I know sounds like that fake accent she has "perfected" over time.  "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl."  Ugh.

CLEM1269723037.4212577 PostsRegistered 9/1/2008PA


Ladybug7241269723081.8575062 PostsRegistered 11/13/2007

I really like "Paula's Home Cooking".  But the only show she ever does now is "Paula's Best Dishes."  I really don't care for it.  For one thing, she has changed, and every week now she has a guest chef--and she acts completely different with other people than she was by herself on "Paula's Home Cooking".  And I also cannot figure out why they call it "Paula's" best dishes, because she usually ends up making recipes that belong to her guest chefs.  I like her recipes better.  And I do still really like her.

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Snowpuppy1269724315.1977084 PostsRegistered 12/2/2005Up North, MI

I like her too, and own her cookbooks but I quit watching as it seemed more scripted in the last few years than it was in earlier years.

I can't help but think that the producers encourage her outrageousness. All with their wink of approval, for ratings and all.

Illinois J­udy1269768804.171748 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007

I liked Paula's first cookbooks and her original cooking shows but then it was way too much exposure and overkill.  I don't watch her anymore at all, no matter where she is on.  Some of her recipes are quite good and not all of them start with a stick of butter, but I think that's where it ends.  Her behavior on TV is awful, can't watch.

msquanna1269773614.1979684 PostsRegistered 10/3/2008

She's not funny, and never makes anything healthy.  I just can't watch her.

PUMPKIN1269778214.983553 PostsRegistered 4/14/2006Indiana

glug glug

lulu21269794751.25323295 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007
On 3/28/2010 msquanna said:

She's not funny, and never makes anything healthy.  I just can't watch her.

Add in that over the top accent, I just have never seen the appeal.

Doopsie1269794859.893644 PostsRegistered 11/20/2004Ohio

"Hey, ya'll!!"

Sorry - just had to say it.  {#emotions_dlg.tongue_smilie}

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BrewCity1269795170.157287 PostsRegistered 11/26/2008

I think all the celebrity as gone to her head and now she's just "acting the fool" . . .too bad.

JeddaB1269795437.219 PostsRegistered 3/28/2010
On 3/28/2010 Doopsie said:

"Hey, ya'll!!"

Sorry - just had to say it.  {#emotions_dlg.tongue_smilie}

You just reminded me of my favorite line from the TV show Reba:


"When we said you, we meant just you. If we'd meant both of you, we'd have said y'all."

autumnfaire1269808275.2275172 PostsRegistered 8/1/2005

She sued for 1.25 million and is being counter sued for 40 million?! {#emotions_dlg.ohmy}  I like her cooking shows, but her audience shows are too much giddiness and crassness for me.  The last time I saw her on QVC there was a live audience, and she was way over the top.

Rtmom1269808869.52801 PostsRegistered 3/18/2007

Underneath all the phoniness I believe that Paula Deen can actually cook, however it is all of the innuendo that drives me nuts.   Also she is not funny - it is rather disgusting.

I live in the South and that accent is way over the top.  Real Southern Ladies do not act this way and embarass themselves and their guests.  Get a clue Paula and some class!

Also as someone who now needs to see ingredient and health information about my food I doubt much of the heavy, butter laden dishes Paula makes would be healthy for me.  I'm a diabetic in fairly good control and would like it to stay that way.

She needs to rethink a few things.

bigbroad1269810637.1442 PostsRegistered 3/14/2010Baltimore, Maryland

pinkribbonsupporter - I must agree with you.  I spent about 20 years of my life living in the South.  Got to know a lot of southern women in that time.  Some  of them could get down and dish with the best of them.  But, ONLY if they were around VERY close friends.  Also, as I tell people here in Maryland, that accent is soooooooo overblown.  I have never heard ANY southerner (man or woman) say y'all that many times!!!  If Paula ever cleans up her act,  I will be happy to watch her program.


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Beebee21269822276.7234124 PostsRegistered 5/31/2009

I'm so sorry to hear this; I haven't been watching her shows, so didn't know it was going on.  People I know who've worked with Paula say she is the sweetest person you could know.

I hate this 'hyping' thing being done everywhere.  Always a need for more, bigger, louder, as if that somehow corresponds to BETTER?  I don't think so.

And yet it seems to the new AMERICAN THING.  There's no more nuance, room for imagination, et al, in my opinion, just coarse, loud and really bling-y.  Hate to think it's happened to Paula, but when you mention Gordon Elliott, that would seem to explain it all.

Sooner1269825795.3516625 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I can't believe Saturday Night Live hasn't done a skit about the Neely's.  They are so icky and gross.  They ARE an SNL skit!

Ripley1091269830940.7379346 PostsRegistered 2/1/2006

I used to like her show on Food Network, then when she became more famous, you could tell it all went to her head.  I don't care for her innuendo either.....

But, I do like to watch her on the old shows they still air on TFN, she had some good recipes.....I've made her gumbo and it was fabulous.....

I think she is a classic case of someone who is overexposed.....

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." - Mark Twain

WSfan1269833780.1232224 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

The same thing that's happened to Paula, happened to Rachel, or vice versa. I agree with all that's been said here. Can't watch either one of them any longer. Paula's laugh reminds me of a witch, and Rachel with her stewoup, yum-o and EVOO...it's getting old. I remember one of Paula's first appearances at QVC. She was stuffing her mouth so full of food, you'd swear she hadn't eaten in a week. It made me sick just watching her talk with her mouth full. It's funny. Bobby Flay has been around about as long as Paula, and I know he has some products at Kohl's. Yet, in my opinion, his head has not gotten as big as these other two. He doesn't seem so full of himself,  and has kept his exposure to the Food Network, for the most part. Maybe because he is a professional chef, and the other two are not.

Mimi 2 Five1269834382.943778 PostsRegistered 1/12/2009

I like to know who gave her the advice whenever being photographed,

"Now stare like a deer caught in the headlights" {#emotions_dlg.w00t}

ties that ­bind1269881100.7233465 PostsRegistered 5/31/2007

She's an attention hound dog!!!!!!!

bobhurley1269883724.38784 PostsRegistered 7/24/2005

Looks like Paula had a contract to make some public appearances which were cancelled.  She sued for $1.5 million.  The sponsor countersued for $40 million on grounds that her shows weren't family-friendly, as one poster pointed, that she cursed too much, and that there were numerous complaints from people who attended her PR appearances that she did hardly any cooking at all.

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bikerbabe1269884483.1639869 PostsRegistered 4/10/2007

i met paula at a conference where she did a cooking demo and booksigning. i got VIP tix and so got to spend extra time with her at a cocktails meet and greet. this was when her original show just started and before she was a household name. i met her again several years later at another conference not long after she married Michael and had time to chat with her again.

* she's ALWAYS had a bawdy sense of humor that had to be reigned in by the producer in her early shows. in person her humor has never been G rated. nevertheless, she is funny and personable.

* her live cooking demos have always featured more talk than cooking. she gets sidetracked easily talking to the audience.

* i do think the accent has become more pronounced in recent years.

i don't know who is right or wrong in the lawsuit but i can tell you that i have a hard time believing the people who booked her are suddenly upset that in person her humor is not "family friendly" because she's ALWAYS been this way if they've ever bothered to watch her live.

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