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Keurig draining answer

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I have read several inquiries about draining the internal tank on Keurig coffeemakers and came across the following with the caveat that I have not tried this so don't know if there could be any problems from doing it:

How can you fully drain a B-70 so that I can ship it. I fear that it may leak and destroy the electronics, making it totally useless.

I faced a similar problem. I was moving a considerable distance and wanted to pack my B70 in the original box to protect it, but I couldn't figure out how to get the water out
of the inside. Here's what I did:

1. I emptied and then replaced the water reservoir, leaving the top off. The LCD will blink and say add water. But ignore this.

2. I reached into the reservoir with my hand and manually help up the plastic water sensor- it's just a little floater that rises with the water level. I help it up all the way, which dismissed the "add water" warning on the LCD.

3. Then I placed a cup underneath, and brewed a cup of hot water on the largest setting. It completely drained the internal reservoir.

4. I left all the pieces out for a day to dry, then packed it away.

I was worried about possibly damaging an internal pieces because of brewing it without enough water. But I've had no issue with it. It's worked perfectly for the last month in my house.

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Ripley1091269831627.4139346 PostsRegistered 2/1/2006

Thanks for this!  I wondered how to empty this when I was putting it away for the season.....I tried to brew all the water out of it, but kept getting the "add water" message.....

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