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My Keurig machine has suddenly started making weak coffee!

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I returned the Platinum Keurig, from November's TSV, in December, because it was defective. I went back to using my Keurig from the Nov., 2008 TSV. It was working fine, and the coffee was coming out nice and strong, until a few days ago. I use the extra bold varieties.

 The machine doesn't need cleaning. I did that recently. Even when I make a smaller cup, the coffee is now coming out very weak and with hardly any taste to it at all! Has this happened to anyone else? I am really starting to miss my old coffee maker! I love to be able to smell it while it is brewing, and to taste a real coffee taste! I really miss that so much now. Frown

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sunshine451268972891.3645578 PostsRegistered 1/13/2007east coast and west coast

well, i have that same model from over a year ago when it was the tsv and i could NEVER get it to get strong enough..... even using the strongest coffees, my own strong gevalia coffee, and setting it on the lowest water setting. i like my coffee black enough so that i cannot see through it and this always made my coffee look more like a strong or medium tea.

after trying it for two months i gave up and went back to my four cup mr coffee coffeemaker. my significant other does use it for loose tea and for hot water so it doesnt go to waste and he does like the quickness of it. i am probably one of the few that was disappointed in this.... everyone else seems to love it, but i think if you truly love STRONG coffee then it may not be the best choice.

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Jupiter1269040052.4275243 PostsRegistered 10/25/2008Florida

As long as I used the extra bold k cups, the coffee was very good, until a few days ago. I am thinking about just using up all of the k cups that I purchased recently, and then going back to my 4 cup Cuisinart. It is a very pretty, pink colored machine and uses paper filters, so there is no clean-up necessary. I will then use my Keurig machine for hot water. I will use it for teabags and to heat up foods with.

 I might try using up my k cups with 2 k cups per cup of coffee. Maybe I will get some flavor that way! I think that the problem, for people who like strong coffee, is that the Keurig doesn't take enough time when brewing. It doesn't have enough time to brew a strong cup.

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Illinois J­udy1269040580.541748 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007

There is a Keurig in the doctor's waiting room and my DH was anxious to try it.  He said the coffee was very weak.

Guess I won't be buying one.

Marp1269043902.23713480 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Western NC


Check the water output areas for any clogs and the bottom where the coffee flows into the cup.  Sounds like there are grounds or residue that may be blocking water flow into or out of the K-cup.  If there are clogs an opened paper clip has been suggested to clear blockage.  Don't know if they are still available but there were a number of threads about this with the newer units back in [maybe] December/January.


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wisermom1269045599.84711 PostsRegistered 3/15/2010

I use two K-cups per cup of coffee. I use a 16 oz. mug.  I really like the Paul Newman organic coffee and the emerial xtra bold.  Try that and see if that helps.. Also when I make my coffee I use the middle setting for one K-cup and the small settin for the second k-cup and it comes out perfect.

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