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Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery @ Costco

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Anyone out there own any of this companies knives? They were on display at my local Costco yesterday(they've been there before, but never stopped to check them out), they were also at the Home Show I recently went to to check out Cutco knives.

Most single knives for sale were priced @ $39.99, they also had sets. Purchases go through Costco. They are heavy carbon steel, made in Germany(?), packed and finished(what ever that means?) in China.

I may go to another Home Show in Novemeber to see if they are there again and check what the knives sell ($) for there.

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OK I just added Costco to the title to see if anyone else has seen these there.

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I've never seen these yet at my local Costco. But since I bought a complete set of Cutco knives this year I know I'll never buy anything else but Cutco! They are superb! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

Love my "Pure Michigan"

Snowpuppy1348421747.5837084 PostsRegistered 12/2/2005Up North, MI

"Finishing" may refer to the process where they place the edge on the blade.

After the flap over Emeril's knife blades being German steel and then the handles mfg in China, I wouldn't touch these, either. Esp at $40 a piece.

eta: Gunter Wilhelm has a home page. They talk about their mfg process being in China under their "about us".

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