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Sistema Klip It Microwave 2-piece Steamer Set

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Regarding, Sistema Klip It Microwave 2-piece Steamer Set, #item K38045,like everyone else who's bought this product, I was dissapointed that there were no guides or recipes included in the purchase. For instance, how much water for a certain vegetable, fish, chicken, etc., frozen or fresh. Somehow experimenting doesn't quite cut it. Yes, all microwaves are different, but at least the company could have given you a few hints or suggestions. I tried cooking asparagus with two TB of water in the large steamer on four minutes. It was cooked but maybe 3 to 3 1/2 minutes would have been better. I put slices on lemon in the water plus I salted and peppered the aspargus. For a guide, I used the The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Microwave Cookbook as a guide. Great suggestions for different kinds of food.

I'd like to suggest that whoever bought this set post their successes. I know everyone would have to adjust their cooking times but at least it's a start. I plan on trying out two pieces of salmon with some broccolini in the large steamer this weekend. What the heck right? I believe my microwave is about 1100 watts. I'll start off with 3 minutes first and adjust from there (by way of the Cookbook).

Please feel free to add your successes.

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Dragonlady51350481872.4634 PostsRegistered 10/17/2012

I found recipes for the Sistema microwaveable steamers. Go to the item on qvc website. Scroll down to the description area. Click on the recipes tab. You can select the recipes and print each one.

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