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Harry London Candy

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Have any of you ordered the Harry London candy before and, if so, what do you think of it? I ordered some this past weekend on the Christmas show. There are only a handful of reviews.

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mominohio1343135066.715391 PostsRegistered 8/8/2010

We live in Ohio where the candy is made, and have toured the factory. There is a store there, and we arrived at a time when lots of stuff was on sale, so we bought a lot. Took it home and divided it up among lots of friends and family, and while it all was eaten, no one was overly thrilled with it. I don't know if we are used to "cheap" candy and are not sophistocated enough for it, or what, but we felt it was overpriced for the reception it recieved at our house. I also make my own buckeye candy and everyone thinks it is way better than HL.

I feel bad every time they are on as I so want to support local business, and the candy was not horrible by any means, just not good enough to us to justify the cost.

kitty601343135278.757415 PostsRegistered 4/11/2009

I purchased a large tin a few years ago. I think it's better than the real inexpensive chocolate and you can split up the tins and make several gifts. The best, not. I'd say it's a good value. LJ

avid shopp­er1343135692.333438 PostsRegistered 8/24/2006NY

I ordered last year to take into work for my group and it went over well. I liked some of the flavors better than others but it was a good value for what I wanted it for. I noticed the price did go up this year and they have some new flavors. I think you will be pleased

pink dogwo­od1343136199.4833535 PostsRegistered 7/11/2007

IMO - the very BEST cholcolates are from Godiva. Order on line and they'll give you special offerings, send you emails about what's new. They have fabulous chocoltiers who do their own design work on their candies - fabulous - many for special times of season.

In a word - delicioso!

hotshot771343136730.84169 PostsRegistered 1/25/2012

I ordered a huge tin several years ago to use as individual gifts and I also made a large display for our employee lounge. I sampled each selection after the gift bags were given out and was very disappointed in the chocolates. I agree that some of them had a waxy taste and the flavors were not as good as advertised. For my money, I would rather buy the Hershey chocolate Santas or the Snickers and Milky Way individually wrapped Christmas reindeer and Santas. Russell Stover is also much better. To say the least, I was not impressed. Will not buy again.

MalteseMom­ma1343137208.2078058 PostsRegistered 8/15/2006

I also bought a large tim a few yrs ago.I don't like it and it still sits in my fridge.Too sweet and IMO no choc taste,more like wax and those pretzels Lisa's favs {#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

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Darlene in­ Georgia1343138751.5971006 PostsRegistered 8/25/2009

I ordered HL when they were at the other shopping network, now I order during the holidays from QVC and everyone that I have shared with have seemed to enjoy. I've divided and given as Christmas gifts and Easter treats, it's become a tradition at my home and office. Is it Godiva, no, but for the price it is a good chocolate. I am looking forward to trying the new candies in this years tin.

Pook1343138824.474654 PostsRegistered 5/5/2007

Years ago when Harry London was on HSN, the candy was so delicious. That was when Allison Wagner (granddaughter of Harry London) was the presenter. Then the company was sold and it changed to mediocre candy - probably to make more money. There was a whole big thing one Christmas with all the auto ship orders being cancelled. About 2 years later, one of the Wagners started Wagners' Candy and it was sold on HSN and that was the original recipes of Harry London. Hope they have it this year again.

Topaz Gem1343140548.3217831 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007Scenic New England

I order a 6 lb. tin every year during Christmas in July, to be delivered in early December. I look forward to receiving them every year.

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nomar1343142392.94758 PostsRegistered 3/12/2010

I ordered last year, but won't this year. I couldn't stay out of it and gained weight. It is pretty good, but had too many pretzel ones in it, I think. The new flavors this year looked good. Pretty good value for wrapped candy, to anwser your question.

chickenbutt1343142717.9327092 PostsRegistered 1/16/2006chickentown

I ordered one of those big boxes of the assorted, individually wrapped, ones a couple of years ago. I thought it was just awful. I had planned to put some of them in with the goodies that I make for others each year. After tasting each flavor, I was unable to do so and ended up tossing most of it. It just wasn't good chocolate.

Maybe there are other choices that are better with this brand. I also tried the assortment of chocolate covered pretzels and those were ok. Not great, because the quality of the chocolate is not that good, but not bad at all. I was able to share those and didn't throw any of them away.

Or maybe I'm just too picky! :) But there are actually some chocolate brands you can get at the grocery store that I thought were better.

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ive been f­ramed1343146574.162503 PostsRegistered 6/8/2012
On 7/24/2012 Pook said:

Years ago when Harry London was on HSN, the candy was so delicious. That was when Allison Wagner (granddaughter of Harry London) was the presenter. Then the company was sold and it changed to mediocre candy - probably to make more money. There was a whole big thing one Christmas with all the auto ship orders being cancelled. About 2 years later, one of the Wagners started Wagners' Candy and it was sold on HSN and that was the original recipes of Harry London. Hope they have it this year again.

I live in Ohio and we have the Waggoners shop- they are so good, even the sugar free chocolates are verrry good! London's was better several years ago, tastes too sweet to me. I did not know that HSN carried Waggoners! I wonder if the price is better there than in town?!

RedConvert­ibleGirl1343146770.9314999 PostsRegistered 9/3/2005Pacific NW

I can't imagine "bulk" chocolates being great. Good, passable maybe, but not great. I'll stick with Sees.

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laibish1343167987.9570 PostsRegistered 3/22/2010Pembroke Pines, Florida

Hi....I ordered these candies last year and I received them in a dented red tin can....I was very disappointed with these medeocre chocolates .....they were advertised on the shopping station with the representative cutting into them and the filling oozing out ....well they had no taste and very poor quality chocolates....I called to complain to the shopping network and they told me not to bother sending them back just keep them and would credit me with the cost, as they were receiving many complaints about these candies....I would never order these chocolates again and it would appear that H.L. wanted to unload these so called chocolates at a cheap price....I ended up giving them away and finally threw them out....Unless the chocolates are of a better quality I have learned a lesson....if you buy cheap you buy again....hope future HL buyers will heed my costly lesson....laibish


Sparkle Ba­be1343175179.127399 PostsRegistered 10/12/2005Southern Texas

Thanks to all for your opinions. I think I may not take a chance & cancel my order.

mousiegirl1343176597.37719410 PostsRegistered 10/20/2007

I buy two six pound tins every year. I make goodie bags for DD's teachers and friends. I have enough for the family out of this also. It is all good, but out favorites are the krispies, the buckeyes, and caramels. I receive a pound of See's rum nougats every Christmas, as they are my favorite candy.

MarthaStew­ardess1343177699.0077840 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

I've never ordered it, but have tried it. For me, it's nothing special. There's better out there.

grits31343519972.88433 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007

See's is wonderful-- The only time I can get it locally ( is in Pittsburgh during the Christmas season) I know they have it down South-- My husbands grandmother loves it and she is very picky!! I have never tried Harry London, I have been tempted but reviews are mixed.


free-spirit1343520369.0932132 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007New Jersey

It is decent chocolate ... not outstanding. It is nice to have to offer to company during the holidays. or break up and give as gifts (like in cute coffee mugs).

I have see it often at Costco during the holidays and that is where I have bought mine.

wilma1343523154.6413378 PostsRegistered 7/10/2007

I ordered a 6 lb. tin 2 years ago. The candy was average to above average. It was better than the boxed stuff you can buy in the drug or grocery store (Russell Stover/Whitman's). We liked the fact the pieces were individually wrapped and labeled. The tin was cheap and thin. When we first opened the box and took the plastic wrap off the tin it caved in on the sides just from the simple pressure of our hands removing the wrap. We didn't order the second year, because we can buy fresh homemade chocolates from a few candy stores in town that is better tasting.

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