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Trader Joe's in State College, PA!

Posted by PamSue72 1334925831.59

I just found out that TJs will be opening in State College, PA around the latter part of 2012. I'm just thrilled! The current TJs stores in PA are all far enough away that it's not really worth traveling two or three hours to visit regularly. So the only time I really go to TJs is when we visit with one of my GFs in Connecticut.

But State College is only about an hour from us. We can easily go to TJs once or twice a month and I can stock up a bit.

We have seven indoor cats and TJs canned cat food is really good for them. Now I can get them enough canned cat food to see them through between visits to the store (we go through 28 cans of cat food every week, so it's hard to keep it in stock in the house). Love, love, love TJs cheeses; they are delicious. Their rice mixtures are wonderful, too. We really like their canned tomatoes. We like so many things from TJs.